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The world-changing miniseries continues!

Where are the World’s Greatest Super Heroes? Barry Allen is on a mission to find out or die trying – and that may be what’s happening as he tries to make lightning strike twice! Meanwhile, around the submerged Paris, the pirate Deathstroke confronts Emperor Aquaman!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by ANDY KUBERT and SANDRA HOPE
Black and White Variant cover A by ANDY KUBERT
Variant cover B by IVAN REIS and GEORGE P

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.6%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I’m intrigued enough to try this for one more issue. The Batman surprise helps the cause a lot.

  2. Cannot wait to hear barry explain to Thomas whats happening

  3. I really liked the first issue.  I’m glad it’s not so Flash heavy at the moment.  I’ve not been keeping up with that as much, so it’s easy for me to get into.  I especially love the use of magic in the first issue.  Looking very much forward to the “World of” and “Secret Seven” books.  

  4. Is this definitely coming out? DC has it listed as the 8th, and they’re usually on top of their comics updates. That, and when I phoned my shop to find out if they were getting new stuff tomorrow or not, the guy said Flashpoint had been delayed?

  5. @ComicBookGuy37  

    I mean yeah its a certain to come out as Batwoman is in April…er….I MEAN SEPTEMBER!!!!

  6. @ComicBookGuy37: Ah man, I hope that is not true, I already have a huge week next week :(.

  7. @TheSquirrel  – Where’s my Dark Knight & Boy Wonder, damn it!

    @Avistann   – I hope it’s tomorrow, too…I keep glancing at lists for next week and trying not to cry…

  8. I am stayen away from the tie-ins and am going with Flaspoint & BoosterGold only,
    I was already reading Flash and Booster and not interested in spending the extra money. 
    Plus my LCS  shorted me 2 issues of Generation Lost 21 & 23 and one Brightest Day 23 so from now on I am stayen away from weekly titles and with all the tie-ins this is bigger than a weekly.

    I did love the first issue and am looking foward to the next and if the tie-ins are as good as some of them look (Deadman and the Flying Grayson’s comes to mind)I will get the collection.

  9. DC web site is not the most accurate. Go with Diamond the provide the list of actual comic releases on Mondays. Yes this and 4 other FP tie-ins are out this week. Can’t wait for Wednesday..tomorrow.

  10. @comicbookheretic  Phew!

  11. Looking forward to this second installment. The first issue wasn’t great apart from the special guests like Cyborg, Batman etc but i’m hoping the second issue will start with some high paced stories. It is “Flash-point” after all.

  12. I hope this is good. That’s all I can say.

  13. no opinion

  14. The first issue sucked me in for this and all the tie ins to start.  I doubt I’ll stick with them all, but they’re all $3, why not? 

  15. I liked the first issue. I like seeing familiar characters in different situations. Loved what they did with SHAZAM! And honestly didn’t see what whas coming with regards to Batman. Hope they can keep it up with each issue.

  16. Anyone have a date on when Deadman and the Flying Graysons is coming out?  I want my Deadman pin.

  17. @TheSquirrel: June 15th

  18. Well… I guess that exists. It wasn’t terrible. It just seems average to me.

  19. Wow, I’m having 1990’s-esque “Grim ‘n Gritty” flashbacks. Aquaman has a facial scar and delivers lines like “No survivors”. Wonder Woman is a killer ruling over the dystopian ruins of England. The half of the book with Barry Allen and Thomas Wayne is really good, but the rest of it give me a headache. 

  20. Just read it. Awesome……………..I’m liking better than Fear Itself

  21. So far it’s fairly enjoyable, but then again there’s always some enterainment to be had seeing alternative versions of our favourite heroes. I loved the panel of the Eifle Tower floating on top of the water.

  22. I found this very cool! Very great story. My favorite characters are getting cool moments and either being put through the ringer or placed in unusual circumstances.

    Kubert’s pencils wer much better this time around. I’d say even excellent where as they were average in issue one.

    Lots of fun so far!

  23. I really liked that it shows what would happen when douse yourself with chemicals and get struck by lighting.

  24. Getting bigger, eh?

  25. I like the main series as well as the minis. The new takes IMO are just more interesting than the status-quo. Since I have dropped almost all my DC books I will be getting the bulk of this. I mean seriously, how can you resist “Creature Commandoes” and a Amazon vs. Atlantis bunkhouse brawl? This stuff is like the first breath you take topside after being in a sub where everyone is farting.

  26. DC broke the holding the line at $2.99 with this (only 22 pages). Pretty decent.

  27. That damn Super 8 ad in the middle of the issue strikes again!

  28. @j206  Gah! I hate that ad! I seriously have a bad taste about that novie now.

  29. Loved this issue! What a cliffhanger! Shocked indeed. Loved all the minis this week too! Glad they are all $2.99, I am getting them all.

  30. Just read it and its sooo good compared to the first one so awesome!!!

  31. This issue is way overrated.  The ending is just dumb.  So what? Did Barry just choose to douse himself with random chemicals and hope it work?  Or did he think he know what he was doing and it did not work?  Either way it makes him look like an idiot.  Add to this the interactions between characters we don’t really know, and yesterday’s announcement which really makes everything in DC Comics until September kind of pointless, and you have the makings for a mediocre, zero stakes, comic.  Geoff Johns has lost it.

  32. Still really enjoying this even in light of the recent announcements about the reboot. This feels reminiscent of Age of Apocolypse back in the 90’s. But still entertaining thus far.

  33. I actually laugh out loud at the last page… I kept thinking ‘now that’s an EPIC FAIL!!!’

  34. Fun comic.

  35. @nukethewhalesagain  Considering the news this story is the opposite of pointless.

  36. I had a lot of fun with this. Thought the art was really nice.

  37. good issue. I’m really having fun with this. Its like a super elseworlds which is double bonus for me. That last page was great. Total FAIL! haha

  38. Between Flashpoint, the announcement DC made, and how I’m disliking Fear Itself, I may be becomming a DC Guy.  Odd, but exciting.  Love this.  I now require the next one.  Now. 

  39. Sooooo does anyone have any idea what’s going on? I’m still really confused. 

  40. @wallythegreenmonster  – LOL … total fail! PWND

  41. @SteenAR  Which parts of the story are you confused about?

    It would seem reverse -flash altered reality to what we see in the comic book. There is a major war brewing between the Atlanteans ans the Themyscirans in europe which must be stopped in order to prevent major bloodshed and potential world domination. Barry lots his powers and wants to gain them back in order to fix this messed up reality.

    Does that help?

  42. Two things I loved about this issue…

    Pirate Deathrstroke and Thomas Wayne Batman

    Give me a Brave And The Bold with those two! 

  43. @TomO  Yes!  There should be more ‘elseworld’ Brave and the Bold issues in any case.

  44. with the news this is probly going to set up the new DCU so a must read?

  45. @conor
    Maybe I misunderstood the announcement, but it seems to me that if they are going to reboot the universe to make it accessible to new readers then what happens in this universe doesn’t really matter.  It’s not like Crisis where they had two universes that they merged.  When they hit the reset button (if that indeed is what they are going to do) everything that happens up to then is optional to follow along since it’s all going to be undone.  The only thing that Flashpoint can be now, is a fitting ending for the Universe, but it’s focused on versions of the characters that we have no connection to.  So it can’t even be that.

  46. Great, fun world building stuff. The art took a step up as well. Excellent comic.

  47. @nukethewhalesagain  It’s a lead up to whatever changes occur. From what I understand Flashpoint CAUSES these changes.

  48. @nukethewhalesagain  plus we don’t know what the changes will be. i mean they can’t be rebooting the whole line because certain things seem the same. blackest night still happened, so did brightest day. i think people are mistaking this reboot for something like marved did with Heroes Reborn

  49. @RoiVampire  It’s possible I and many others (including USA Today) are misunderstanding what DC’s intentions are.  But these days a “reboot” is a starting from scratch retelling of a story.  Batman Begins and Casino Royale are examples of reboots.  Star Trek is, kind of, a reboot since it still leaves the events of previous movies as being in canon.

  50. @nukethewhalesagain  i agree i don’t think they should use that word after looking at some of the new number 1s. Ice has her new costume from Generation Lost, Firestorm seems to be the same as does Deadman.

  51. @nukethewhalesagain  I would be willing to be that this is going to be a ‘reboot’ in the same manner as OMD was a ‘reboot’.  This is likely not going to be a clean slate/complete restart.  Flashpoint is (probably) going to be the imputus of a dramatic change in the landscape/climate of the DCU once it is all over.

    Long story short, my theory is that Flashpoint is going to be the answer to the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the new status quo.  So, if you want those answers, continue, if not, don’t pick it up. 

  52. Anybody noticed Thomas Wayne suddenly became quite gullible in the middle of his conversation with Barry?

  53. @NawidA  The price drop did nothing but drop their profits, books didn’t see ANY spike. If I was them I would ditch it. People are going to buy something or they aren’t until it’s available digitally to everyone at once.

  54. @JNewcomb  That very much helps. Thanks! I think I’m going to read through both issues a couple more times just to make sure I didn’t miss any details. 

    I’m really loving this so far. I can’t wait to see where Johns takes it. And I think the art was a lot better this issue than the last issue. 

  55. I am loving this so far.  Curious to see if the ifanboy’s liked it.  I know Connor liked it but thought the others were way to hard on issue 1..both issues have been my potw.  And I didn’t think the art in 1 was that bad.

  56. Uh… does anyone think that this is DC’s version of House of M?  A character wakes up and the entire landscape of the world is totally changed… also all heroes and villians have different roles… some characters are missing (Prof.X and Superman) 

  57. As I see it, DC wants to start at new #1’s by clearing out all the bulk of continuity.   That’s not the same thing as starting these characters over with all new origins.  I also dont imagine that what we’re seeing now in Flashpoint is going to be the new status quo for the relaunch date…  Stuff’s going to happen between now and then and its going to shake a lot of things up.  I have no idea how they’re going to accomplish that, but it means,that none of us can predict anything in the next few months.  To my mind, that means this is the perfect time to be reading and ENJOYING the comics…not fretting about whether its going to violate years of established continuity. 

  58. @loki2486  These types of stories have happened long before House of M.

  59. I don’t understand why people are saying these stories don’t matter from here on out. Flashpoint is taking us to the start of the new DCU, so it matters right now, this is how we get there. Just because the DCU is changing to something different in the future doesn’t mean what’s happening now doesn’t matter.  

  60. Not only was this comic really interesting and beautifully drawn, but between it and the announcment about the reboot or whatever we want to call it, I found myself coming up with a theory about how Flashpoint could logically go from where it is, with the storyline it has, and end up setting the stage for the new status quo.  And it was a lot of fun lol

  61. @Limitless  LEt’s hear this theory!

  62. Not feelin this issue nealy as much as the first. The art wasn’t as inconsistnent, but I’m just not into the story and storytelling. Batman seemed all too ready to accept what Barry was saying, and Barry’s sudden memory shift was very awkwardly handled. Still excited with the concept of the series, but can’t say I’m a fan of the execution.

  63. I’m definitely digging Flashpoint.  The stuff with Aquaman at the beginning made me excited for that tie-in and I think I might pick up the wonder-woman tie-in as well, I wanna see more of the war between those two.

    And my two cents about the reboot:  I’m game for it, there are a few titles that have caught my eye for various reasons so I’m kind of excited.  I try not to get too bogged down in “continuity” or whether or not things “matter”, they’re just comic books so as long as the issues are good I’m happy.

  64. @NathanNicdao  I agree with the sudden gullability, it threw me off, but at the same time I’m glad the book didn’t spend too much time convincing him. And who is to say that he totally believed him. He did, afterall, throw the switch on him.

  65. My cheers:
    -The art seemed more consistent in this issue.
    -The Steve Trevor/Diana scene.
    -Captain Deathstroke and his crew.
    -Getting a bit more of the Atlantis/Themyscira conflict.

    My jeers:
    -Still too much exposition (no one cares, Barry).
    -Barry’s “plan” to regain his speed. And why that was his priority in the first place.
    -Thomas Wayne. In general. I know a lot of people were excited by the reveal, but the whole idea falls flat for me. First of all, the man appears to be an idiot. Why would he suddenly believe Barry’s story after he tells him Bruce is alive in his world? And why would he let him go through with this clearly terrible plan? Not to mention the fact that if Bruce were killed at age eight, not only would the manor never have been built over the cave, but the “idea” of Batman would never exist!

    I’m still interested, but this has yet to grab me by the sack.  So far, what intrigues me the most is the (almost) marraige of Aquaman and WW, and how it went from love to war. And I must say, this may be the first event since Infinite Crisis where the tie-ins turn out to be more enjoyable/creative/neccessary than the event itself. The real interest of Flashpoint for me is getting deeper into the millions of changes that have taken place. I wanna see the creative teams come up with not only interesting takes on the classics, but methods as to why Thawne would chose to make the changes he did. That’s the real meat here. I have a feeling Flashpoint proper will end up being just the potatoes. 

  66. I really loved this issue. This is probably my POTW. I thought it hit on all cylanders.  The art was consistently gorgeous. The writing and dialogue were much better. Gone are the long word balloons of exposition – it was done through story this time, the way it should be (instead of clubbing us over the head). The twist at the end surprised me – usually these desperate experiments always work out. Long-term, it may, but it wasn’t looking too good! 5/5

  67. @WheelHands  Thomas Wayne was the first Batman! He wore it to a costume party and beat up some crooks.

  68. Really? This book has 38% POTW? Really?It was good and all, but come on people.

  69. no opinion

  70. Liked the art in this better than the first issue as well.  This was really good, except they shoulda said, “What do you wish us to do with THIS Steve Trevor?”  More in line with how Amazon’s speak in my head.

    @nukethewhalesagain  I think what Barry did took courage, not stupidity.  His intention is to save the world, so that’s what a hero is going to do.

  71. @ResurrectionFlan: Thomas Wayne was not the first Batman. He dressed as a bat at a costume party, yes. Perhaps he even planted a subconcious seed in young Bruce’s brain. But he was never Batman. If you read Morrison’s stuff, Bruce set up all the major factors that contribute to the success of the mission during his journey through time. That, combined with Dakseid’s “idea weapon” (the giant bat in the cave and his inspiration in the study after his first night out) is responsible for the “idea of Batman”. Therefore, if Bruce were killed at age eight, Batman would never come to be. What’s happening here is a classic case of Morrison’s work being ignored in favor of an event gimmick. No big deal.

  72. @NathanNicdao   I noticed and it really threw me. I went back a couple of times to check if I had missed a page of explanation.  Combine that with a really half cocked plan by Barry to get his powers back and I really didnt enjoy the seconf half of the book.  3/5

  73. @Wheelhands

    overthinking things much? You’ve just become a great example of why DC is “relaunching” in september.  

  74. @WheelHands  I am going off the Pre-Crisis Untold Legend of the Batman Audio tape comic combo pack from when I was 7.

    It also stands to reason that Wayne Manor has a bat infestation problem and one night while drinking fine whiskey with himself and drowning his sorrows wondering what direction his life would take, a beleagured Thomas Wayne gazed at the night sky when *KRA-SMASH!* A giant bat totem burst on the scene!
    Terrified. Thomas realized he must become a symbol of fear for criminals are a cowardly and superstituos lot, that wasn’t enough however, using the old adage, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, Wayne opened a casino while allowed him to keep tabs on the city’s blighted underbelly. And thus The Bat Man was born!!!!!!!!


  75. @NodNolan  I can’t say I disagree.

  76. Really like this. Wish i could wait for the trade to read it all at once, but it does have we wanting to know what happens next. I think the anticipation is heightened beacuse really anything can happen here since this leads into the new beginning.

  77. Just read #1 and #2 today back to back and really enjoyed it. Excited to see what happens with Barry.

    Do you think what happened to him kinda puts him out of commision for a few books or the series?

    It will be tough to see him have to say good-bye to his mom forever, that would be really tough to read. Do you think thats gonna happen?

    Anyway I’m enjoying the series, and the minis. I’ve decided to get the minis because this Flashpoint world is new and everything is different, it and we might get some teaser for whats gonna happen i in Sept.

  78. Well i went back and flipped thru Flash 9-12, and the last word spoken in #12 is by the Black Flash. I’ve only been reading comics since November of last year so correct me if im wrong, but doesnt the appearance of the Black Flash mean that someone connected to the Speed Force is gonna bite the dust? And maybe thats what happened to Barry in Flashpoint #2.

    Any thoughts? 

  79. @ResurrectionFlan  Holy crap, I have that book!

  80. I’m liking this so far.

  81. A little better than the first issue, but I’m not retaining much of what’s going on. If this and Fear Itself are neck in neck competition, I’d say Flashpoint is ahead by a nose. A really big nose, but a nose all the same.

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