The first in a series of hardcover volumes that collect all of the best-selling issues of THE FLASH written by comics superstar Geoff Johns, beginning with issues #164-176, plus THE FLASH: OUR WORLDS AT WAR #1, THE FLASH: IRON HEIGHTS and THE FLASH SECRET FILES #3!

In this volume, Wally West finds himself without his super speed in a darker, mirror version of Keystone City. Can a powerless Flash defeat Captain Cold and Mirror Master to save the city he loves?

Plus, The Flash is shocked to learn that a strange cult is killing all the people he has ever rescued.

Featuring art by fan-favorites Ethan Van Sciver, Scott Kolins and more!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS

Price: $75.00
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


  1. Wow, that’s a hefty price tag.

  2. beein waiting on this for a while

  3. I know Geoff Johns is The Shit and all, but you’d think Mark Waid’s long, well liked, run on The Flash would get a little love too.

  4. I’d be interested in this if it wasn’t so overpriced.

  5. I have all of these issues but am looking forward to eventually adding this HC to my bookshelf.

  6. Would love to get it but I too already have all those issues.

  7. Ordered this on Amazon.  Delivery estimate is next week!

  8. Can we get THAT Scott Kolins back please?

  9. I agree with Mike Farley — I think Waid’s run on the Flash was incredible — and actually more deserving of a collection than Johns’ run.

  10. @TheNextChampion  100% agree with you! Love Kolins but he needs an inker.

  11. 16 issues. Jesus.

  12. Will pick this up as soon as I’m a rich madman.

  13. No reason this shouldn’t be closer to the $59.99 Starman Omnibus price range. ‘Nuff said!

  14. @Everyone Complaining About the Price

    $44.11 on Amazon
    $46.50 on In Stock Trades.

  15. I picked it up but the price is crazy. $75 for 16 issues in this compared to $60 for 21 issues in the last Starman Omnibus. As @conor points out the online discounts are good, but they only bring the price in line with paying full price on previous omnibi. 

  16. I got this book in my hands now (not mine, mind u. I’m not that stupid to get it… Sorry Don.. Lol), and is total BS!!!.
    You’d think that for $75 you’ll get top quality (in spite the little page count), but is HORRIBLE!!!. I mean, the cover is kind of nice, but is GLUED BINDING, NO EXTRAS. Not even a tiny background words for the Our Worlds at War issue that by itself doesn’t do anything.
    What a mess!!.
    The stories are great, but for $75!!!?.
    Btw, even with Amazon discount ($44) the price is still ridicously overpriced. This one should be $30 with discount as minimum.
    Save you money. If u don’t believe me, I sugest for you to check it out first in a library or something and decide from there.
    Get the Thor (Simonson) Omnibus. THAT’s something worthy of the price tag.
    DC screw it… AGAIN!

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