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“Reverse Flash Rebirth!”

In this FLASHPOINT prelude, don’t miss the epic telling of the origin of Barry Allen’s greatest foe, Professor Zoom! Eobard Thawne’s story is just beginning – and he intends to finish it with The Flash!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by SCOTT KOLINS
Variant cover by STANLEY "ARTGERM" LAU

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I like the focus on the villain issues. But couldn’t they be one shots?

  2. @Minion  They could but they’re doing these to give Manapul time to catch up so the next arc won’t have delays

  3. @Minion  If they were people would complain that they weren’t part of the regular series. They did that with the JSA one-shots that were tied into the main series during Johns’ run.

    Originally these were supposed to be one issue between arcs. Now we’re getting two. Interesting.

  4. Reverse Flash was creepy last issue with Digger. This should be a fun issue.

  5. This book is and absolutely joy, no matter if Manapul or Kolins is drawing it.  Is is curious that we are getting two in a row. Hopefully not a signal…fingers crossed.

  6. Is this issue the one with that amazing Cooke variant cover?

  7. Maybe it’s time for me to drop this book. I have issues #6 and #7 on my unread pile and have picked them up no less than a dozen times before putting them back down and reading something else.

  8. @g0ofgnewt  I think that was the last issue, unless darwin did another one. The one i’m referring to has flash and reverse flash

  9. After hopping onto the Flash bandwagon at Rebirth, I’ve been very confused as to who the Reverse-Flash really is. I’m excited to finally know.

  10. Anyone know where Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) has been? I recall him meeting Professor Zoom the Reverse Flash a while back, but I haven’t see him. 

  11. @RoiVampire @Conor I get what you’re saying. And I totally understand. At this moment getting it on time is the most important thing to me staying on the series. And the Rogues are as fun as The Flash.

  12. This is BY FAR my favorite DC book. I really cant get into DC (trust me i’ve tried really hard in the past) but Flash and Green Lantern always have a special spot in my pull list every month. I’ve even dropped brightest day (just couldn’t get into it at all) but The Flash series has been pure joy to read every issue.

  13. I don’t know how he does it but collins is putting out two books a month! Bagely style! Great book.

  14. I haven’t developped a taste for Prof Zoom. We’ll how this goes.

    I wanna see a Gorilla Grodd one-shot by Kollins!!!

  15. As much as I enjoyed the past issues, I gave up around #5. I just don’t think it was right to bring back Barry.

  16. I’m really enjoying it. I started this series having absolutely no real connection to the Flash and now i’m totally in. Love the focus on the rogues. Its making for a fun time. Scheduling isn’t that big of a deal..i’d rather have something good a week or two late than crap that was rushed out too soon. 

  17. I LOVED issues 1-7, having never read any Flash before, but now I want to get back to Barry. I kow they schuduled these two next to each other to help get the book back on track, but two profile issues next to each other is too much. One I can understand, but now I want to find out what’s up with Hot Pursuit and the Flashpoint. Roll on issue #9

  18. Just re-read Flash: Rebirth so I am SUPER CHARGED with Speed Forcey goodness. Can’t wait for this!

  19. @rift1128 probably cuz his new style isn’t very hard to do.

  20. KOLINS!? Awww..

  21. @OnASunday  I can’t do it.

  22. My post will be pretty spoiler ridden but you should know that.

    The more I step back from this the less good this issue seems. Unexplained Paradoxes abound,(we would have to assume that no matter the timeline he would always become the Reverse Flash or he could never come back in the first place.) and the vision of Zoom’s future is one I just couldn’t see coming to pass, Especially with all the other versions of the future of the DCU we’ve see.

    However it did paint a future in which we see the pure potential that Zoom once had. He could have been a hero many times over if it wasn’t for his messing with his own time line. Personally I liked the path I saw his original time line going on. I could totally see him conducting an experiment in the time it took his brother’s backup to arrive and becoming a speedster, but alas it was not to be.

    The whole thing just felt like a retcon. It may not have been, but it felt like one.

    Then again my knowledge of DCU may just be inadequate.

  23. I fucking hate Scott Kolins’ art.  It’s utterly hideous.  Can you imagine this fantastic story in the hands of Francis Manapul?

  24. This was an awesome issue!

  25. Great issue.

    @Minion He always became Zoom, but he decided to cherry pick and streamline his life instead. It reads more like Zoom trying to fix his life (deleting people) and ending up in the same place.  

  26. @jmhillyer  — i wouldn’t call it hideous…thats a bit much. I don’t love the vine charcoal/pastel thing he has going…it seems a bit too indie for superhero comics honestly. 

    This story was pretty ok, i liked last issue a bit better…i’ll be happy to see Manapul back on this. 

  27. Story was more than pretty decent, a cool/creepy look at RF’s life, him falling in love was especially creepy to me. But the art…ugh. Kolins is not for me. Hated the art.

  28. I liked this, and Kolin’s art has a certain style that is an acquired taste more than anything else, some may never like it, but I enjoyed it here.

  29. @Minion: I felt the same as well. It is either to be explained later or I am assuming he always became Zoom and this entire issue was him trying to fix his life but in the end he still becoming the person he is. So pretty much what PraxJarvin said

    The issue was a lot of fun but I always wish time travel issues gave a little bit more explaination.

  30. Also forgot to add, Zoom is also obsessed with time & scheduling due to his current societal views. In this issue, it could be him cutting out the parts of his life that he found to be a waste of time due to his own incredible impatience.

    There seems to be a lot of different takes on this issue and I can’t decide which I think fits the most. Hmm…

  31. Dear Mr Kollins,

    Your art is great. Personally though, I miss your uber-scratchy style. Please return to it.

    Thank you,
    A fan.

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