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FLASH #241

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  1. This book has fallen so far it is pitiful!!! The Flash is one of my favorite characters, and used to be close to a top of the stack book. However since those damn kids were introduced this book has sucked a big donkey kong d…(bleep)!!! Can someone please take over this book and get the Flash back on track…..start with the kids….de-age them, kill them, ship off to boarding school, send them to the Negative Zone, just get rid of them!!! I keep buying the comic, hoping eventually it will turn around, but I am losing my patience!!!

  2. Well, there is a new creative team coming on after this arc.

  3. Ya’ll are just haters. Two words: Gorilla. Grodd.


    ‘Nuff said. 

  4. I don’t think the kids are bad by themselves, a good writer could make them work, it just changes the dynamic of the series.  I’ve noticed that some of the same people who decry making Peter Parker single again after letting him grow and marry are pissed that Wally has had kids now.  Just an observation. 

  5. I’m enjoying Tom Peyers run so far, I think the change of editor has helped the book. but what has happened to the book is the same that has gone on with JLA, Didio has plans for Flash in the Final Crisis and the book has gone in to a holding pattern knowing what is coming.

  6. @Mithel – If I’m a "hater" for disliking bad comics, then yes, I am proud to be a "hater".

  7. This arc should end now. The characters have such little depth. The only points of it that I enjoy (minimally) are ties to the Crisis events that are happening. If anyone ready Trinity 2, that was a better take on the current Flash than these past 3 issues.

  8. @Conor


    But gorillas make good comics? Has my whole life been a lie? 

  9. I’ve said it before but think the biggest problem with the kids is the little boy’s powers are so gross and weird, a roided out 8 year old boy just looks a thyroid problem not a superpower. 

  10. Can’t seem to stop buying this one.  I want to like it…I do!

  11. When I grow up I wanna be just like Flash! He’s super cool and has all the men turning their heads.

  12. I think with this issue i can see The Flash getting back on track.

  13. New to Flash … and I enjoyed it. The art work was beautiful. I enjoyed the panel inside the burning museum where he was embarrassed of his own self-pity, being new to flash I got a good sense of his character and his struggle. Glad to be on board. 

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