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FLASH #237

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  1. You know, Mark Waid’s return was a giant snore fest, but with a new team coming on for just one issue, I think I’ll give this book another shot before letting it go.  We’ll see how these guys stack up and what the new team coming in has to offer.

    …There is a new team after this…isn’t there?

  2. i really hope that there is a new team.  i’ve been wanting to drop this title for a while now.  it’s such a snooze.  i’m thinking this may be my last issue.  

  3. I’m about ready to drop this title as well.  I kind of like the kids, I love Wally, I love Linda.  The art still hasn’t grown on me, and I’m a bit tired of this storyline at this point.  I’ll hang on for the new team(s), and keep my fingers crossed.  

    Wonder which Flash kid (or kids) will have to die to save us all from Final Crisis? 

  4. The only reason I’m still buying this is the hope that it will be better….and the fact that I have issue #1 to present.  If in the down periods of the flash in the past, its been much more engaging then this.  I think it needs more interaction with the Flash Legacy…and less of whatever it is they are doing now. 

  5. I just dropped this title. I’m becoming less and less interested in DC as a whole. They are badly mishandling most of the main characters IMO.

  6. This was my first issue of Flash in a while.  I’d heard the art wasn’t great but I don’t usally care as much about art as others.  JESUS.  This art is horrendous.  Everyone looks like Schwarzeneggar at the end of Total Recall.

  7. Awful art and pretty sub-par story so I’m glad this was just a fill in. I am very much looking forward to seeing what Tom Peyer does with the book from next month.

  8. This was an improvement on what Waid was doing.  I just think the whole kid/family dynamic on this book is what is turning people off and so far, they haven’t made it interesting enough.  I don’t know if I’m alone on this, but I was really into the new series with Bart as the Flash and I don’t understand why they killed him off.  I think that book had a fresh start and appeal.  I know alot of people wanted Wally back, but I don’t think this is the Wally that everyone wanted.  I would say ironically, having kids is REALLY slowing the Flash down.  I liked this story cuz of Superman’s involvement though and I think the new team could be good.  I don’t know anything about Tom Peyer, but I like Freddie Williams II and did you see the cover of 238??? OMG it looks AWESOME!!

  9. This title is exposing my eternal optimism.  I want the Flash book to be so good that I keep buying it in anticipation…

    I will admit that the art is growing on me, but I can’t keep buying it much longer.  Hopefully the new team will ramp up the action….PLEASE!! 

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