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“The Road to Flashpoint” concludes as everything Barry Allen knows and cares about is lost.

What is the Flashpoint? Find out in the upcoming FLASHPOINT #1!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant cover by GEORGE PEREZ

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  1. my wish for the flash is that dc stops fudging around with him and pushes out an agressive, consistent, well-done ongoing series. so much potential, so many of us waiting for this to be on solid ground. just do it right. give flash a break from events and crisese. seemed like we were almost there about six months ago, and then the whole thing got soft. 

  2. I’m enjoying it.

  3. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Hmmm. I’ve been waiting for a 14th issue of a Flash comic since mid-2007. Looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer, at least.

    This has really been an enjoyable series. Others may not have liked the current storyline, but I’ve been okay with it. Here’s hoping Flashpoint continues the trend.

  4. i want to finish the run…but this hasn’t been very fun for me in a while. 

  5. “Art and cover by Francis Manapul” I’ll believe it when I see it…

  6. Wow, they actually made it before FlashPoint comes out (assuming you read this one first, that is).

    Is that the January iconic image cover?  Better late than never, I suppose. 

  7. @TomO  It is not the January issue.  It DOES look like a con sketch.  Assuming that is the final cover image, it looks like the were rushing to get this one out the door.   Oh well, more Flash in a week is a GOOD thing.  

  8. Wasn’t this issue not supposed to even happen or something?

  9. It was issue 13 that was canceled.

  10. I believe Manapul only did a few pages for this issues and am curious to see who did the rest.

  11. I’ve really enjoyed this series, and the cancelation is confusing. I’m sure there will be a Flash book after Flashpoint, seems more like a Marvel thing then DC.

  12. So… read this first, I guess.

  13. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    DC just made it official that Scott Kolins is doing some (most?) of the art in this issue though Manapul is still credited too.

  14. @justincresswell  Spot on!

    This title hasn’t had enough time to settle and wasn’t set up initially to precede Flashpoint. It seems like Johns changed his mind about issue 4. It’s been slow andlaborious since then. 

    Got to say that I’ve grown fond of Manapul’s art. 

  15. Where is my superhero CSI?

  16. @Alexferrer  YEAH!

  17. I’m hoping in five months we’ll see issue 13 and this whole final issue thing is s feghnt

  18. @CaseyJustice  Ha.  Nice.

  19. This was better than the last three, but still wonky. The transition from Neo-Kolins to Manapul is jarring to say the least. 

    And I know I’m the most vocal Wally Whiner, but if Thawne shows up … THAWNE … you get every Flash on the the scene. It’s fuckin Thawne! I guess Jay and Wally are still back at the house having tea with Joan and Iris after their little “interevention” last week. Lame.

  20. Great explanation of how Thawne is using the speed force what he thinks the secret of the speed force is. This issue had loads of great scenes with excellent pacing and a variety of worthwhile moments from action and a reveal to relationship stuff.

    Huge improvement over last issue

  21. @Chrisflinchbaugh  I did enjoy the scene with Patty. I don’t know if Barry is naive or playing with fire.

  22. gotta be honest…the Kollins art was rough in places. Proportional issues and so on.  

  23. @wallythegreenmonster  Yes! Kollins’ proportions are just really off sometimes. It is such an eyesore when compared to Manipul’s work. They need a new fill in artist on this book… or not.. since this book is “ending.” wink wink

  24. @Multihuller  I’ve said it before, I much prefer Kollins before the style change.

  25. Aside from the art, this issue was back on track. I could tell that with some Manapul art this would be a 5 star book.

  26. I figured out why despite my enjoyment of it, the Flash series was not as satisfying to me as it might’ve been so far.

    I think it did not deliver on the “promises” layed out in Rebirth. Not yet at least.

    1: Very little Flash family action – but it’s being massaged into the story gradually and I think that makes sense, they have issues to deal with before things get rosey.

    2: Not much Speed Force science. Lady Flash touched on it in Rebirth and I was hoping we’d get more of Max Mercury educating in speed science. Again, Prof. Zoom is starting to put more of that in slowly.

    3: Prof. Zoom established as a threat on a large scale. I think the nature of his obsession with Barry has so far restricted his villaining to a limited target. But it seems he has greater ambition as of Flash #12. We’ll see how it pans out in Flashpoint.

    4: Rogues did not occupy enough of the spotlight. Their thunder was stolen a little by the Reverse Flash Task Force. Again, it seems Snart will have a biggish role in Flashpoint which will likely lead to further rogue action beyond Flashpoint.

    Many have expressed the criticism that the title got too slow and Flashpoint was launched prematurely. And that might turn out to be true. However, you have to think that Flashpoint really is just the Flash title renamed to make it look like an “important” story that “matters”. I think now is the time the Flash brand kicks into high gear. In 6 months all the promises of Rebirth will have been held and we’ll be in the swing of things.

    Just some thoughts…

  27. @JNewcomb  Me thinks you’re right.  I’m on board for Flashpoint and ready for Barry Allen to win me over the way Hal Jordan did.

  28. @srh1son  Here’s hoping!

  29. I’ll probably get lambasted for saying this but I just dont think Barry should have been brought back.    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked most of the story this past year quite a bit, but I dont think people are feeling the momentum that should have accompanied the character.  Probably in large part to delays in the Flash Rebirth mini and the title, but we’ve also got no clear position on where the entire Flash family is, in the DCU.  Barry’s largely cut himself off from his closest friends and family, and a major character like Wally should NOT just fade into the background the way he has. I’m sure Flashpoint will clear up some of the stuff about Barry and Kid Flash, but we need more to go on for Wally and…I dont know… perhaps an acknowledgement that Jay Garrick is now mayor of Monument Point?  I have to imagine Jay and his wife are now living in Monument Point instead of Keystone…since he’s running the place now.

    But all that in mind, we did have at least a year or two of Green Lantern spinning its wheels a bit after Rebirth and  before Sinestro Corps War kicked it into high gear, so perhaps thats what we’ll see of Flashpoint.

  30. I wonder how Mark Waid, the Speed Force’s creator, feels about this further interpretation of the Speed Force.

  31. @Skyfire124  “But all that in mind, we did have at least a year or two of Green Lantern spinning its wheels a bit after Rebirth and  before Sinestro Corps War kicked it into high gear, so perhaps thats what we’ll see of Flashpoint.”

    And boom goes the dynamite!

    Right on target sir.

  32. @Skyfire124  I agree, Barry dying in Crisis was sucha monumental moment for me, and his Rebirth was kinda innocuous and didn’t have much of an impact as did Hal’s to me, and was getting used to Wally being the Flash before Barry’s return, but the one thing it does do for me is it makes Dark Knight Returns still possible in my DCU, now we just need the Question to become a male again.

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