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The prelude to next summer’s FLASHPOINT event continues!

The new speedster known as Hot Pursuit has arrived on his Cosmic Motorcycle, but what terrible warning has he brought with him? The FLASHPOINT is closing in, and it looks like no one will be safe!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
Variant cover by SCOTT KOLINS

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I am very glad to see this issue. However, not to be that guy, but my immediate reaction upon seeing it listed was “Oh yeah, does that still come out?”

  2. @CaseyJustice: Yeah, this is just a wee bit late.  When a books like this, which is tied to an upcoming event, ships late, I sometimes wonder if it was intentional to prevent spoiling some aspect of the event.  In this case, however, I just think it is late.  That said, I am glad they did not go the fill-in artist route with this book because, when it is all said and done, this 12 issue arc is going to stand up well over time.

  3. @ctrosejr – Agreed. There’s no substitute for Manapul. And it’s not even a “They have a responsibility to me!” kinda thing, it’s just that I enjoy this book, and I would like to enjoy it more often.

  4. “next summers Flashpoint”? is it that delayed already !!

  5. No, not that delayed. The event is just going to last that long. 14,000 mini-series take time to get right.

  6. @wulfstone  HA!  No, this one is just delayed enough so it’s solicitation seems awkward now.

  7. @wulfstone
    This issue was supposed to come out in January, so the solicitation was released in… October?

  8. next summer? so its 14 months away instead of 2 or 3? kinda bad wording there aint it?

    I do enjoy Manapul and i do notice the is what it is. 


  9. @Slockhart has it right, this was solicited last year so that’s why it says “Next summer”.

  10. that was last issue’s cover, right?

    the production of this book seems like it’s all over the place

  11. Can’t decide if Hot Pursuit is a cool superhero name. I think I like it. 🙂

  12. Im super excited for this! had me hooked again last issue! Wondering what the cover is going to be though, this cant be the cover if so ill feel alittle ripped off.

  13. Yeah, whoever does DC’s solicitations really needs to get it together. Similarly, on the solicit for the upcoming Batman Inc #5 still shows the cover from issue #3.

  14. Isn’t Hot Pursuit an Autobot? 

  15. About fricken time, I’m still excited about the story though. After seeing a post on Speed Force I’m thinking that hot pursuit the mirror(universe) version of Cobalt Blue only he’s the good twin(perhaps making mirror Barry the ‘evil twin’).

  16. Kolins’ new style is very off putting to me but the stories were good in the last couple issues. It’s great to have Manipul back.

  17. FLASH!! My favorite superhero since I could read a comic; I am glad he still has a book since I never know when it is coming out and I guess there is only one more issue? We just got Barry back and now were gonna f#@k with him??!! DC you are pissing me off and this time I said it out loud or typed out loud. I am excited for Flashpoint because The Flash deserves better treatment period and I for one will be there for my favorite character. I guess I just have to wait and see what happens………


  18. I think there are two more issues, ending with #12.

  19. @Rustyautoparts: That’s what DC has said, anyway.  (Even though they solicited #13.  Don’t know what the deal there is.)

  20. @ctrosejr  Didio says it was a red herring. I doubt Flash is canceled. There will be a series after flashpoint.

  21. I’m sure Flash #13 will just be a different book.

  22. @Noto  –i heard Granito is writing and drawing #13. =p

  23. This series has had nothing but delays so i hope its worth it. I wonder if this comes with a variant cover?!

  24. Was I the only one disappointed with Hot Pursuit’s identity?

  25. @JDA190 – Eh, kinda. But I liked that I didn’t see it coming, and I’m very interested in the implications.

  26. If there hadn’t been such a delay, I might’ve enjoyed this issue more but it was kind of a let-down in that it was just setting the stage for bigger things to come in the coming months…Still really loving the art though.

  27. I’m interested to see how Flash ties into Tron. I mean, that’s a light cycle Hot Pursuit rides, right?

  28. @albabycakes – The very words from my mouth, sir. This book would be super great if it hadn’t lost so much momentum. As it is it’s merely great.

  29. Ten issues and I’m still bored. Barry’s return has had the opposite effect on me that Hal’s did. After Rebirth, I went from not reading GL to never getting enough Hal Jordan, and I’m still loving it. When they announced Barry’s return, I was intrigued but less than excited. Then after the pointless (not to mention dull) mess that was Flash: Rebirth, I was even less convinced that Barry Allen’s “resurrection” was neccessary. Since then, these stories (while gorgeous) have done nothing to change my mind. I admit that before this, the Flash title was in the toilet. But I still think Johns could’ve turned it around and still written Wally West.

    Which brings me to my real gripe: WHERE THE FUCK IS WALLY WEST?! Yes, I know he’s around, somewhere. But why hasn’t he been an intrigal part of Barry’s reintroduction? Now I finally realize how all those Kyle Rayner fans felt when people like me were enjoying the current GL. But at least Kyle was still relevent (or VISIBLE) after Hal came back.

    I admit I am Wally biased. I came up with him as Flash. When I saw him on this cover in all his JLA era glory, my netherregions tingled. But he’s not in a single panel of this comic. And that (as many times as we’ve all seen it before) disappointed me to say the least. I was willing to give Barry a chance. I just can’t shake the impression that he’s Flash Light. Less flawed, less entertaining, less interesting.

    On a positive note, I am looking forward to Flash Point. And there are several intriguing elements in this one. And of course, Manapul churns out one hell of an eyefeast. I just truly wanted to like Barry, and despite my best efforts find him completely unrelatable. This has amounted to my least favorite Johns series to date.

    This may be my longest rant on a single issue yet. Apologies to those that sat through it. This just really grinds my gears.

  30. @WheelHands  –ten issues in and you’re bored? why are you still buying it?

    p.s i too am Wally Biased. ha!

  31. I liked this.

  32. I like Barry. i had no experience with the character before his return because i can’t enjoy silverage comics.

    but i think he’s enough of a quirky individual character while remaining one of the tradistional style superheroes to really get behind. It’s a weird combination of needing to be different but still being an architype

  33. I’ve never read the Flash before this series and I downright love it. Barry’s an awesome character, he’s a little quirky, socially awkward(something I can relate to), and just a sweet heart. He’s probably the most ‘average joe’ superhero I’ve seen and I love it.

  34. Ok there are three Flashes on this cover; one of which I am sure is Wally. Anyway I grew up and started reading comics and love DC because of Barry Allen Flash and my other favorite is Hal Jordan as GL. Wally is ok he kinda grew on me after I lost Barry in Crisis which really killed me as well as I stopped reading comics for like a year. They brought Barry back and it is not his fault that this series is taking so long to take off and now its over. I am afraid of what they are going to do next to my favorite character; I know things are gonna change and I may stop reading for another year.
    Wally and Barry can co-exsist in the DC Universe and I would love it since they are really great characters. Barry is the one pure true hero and it works for him and the whole DC Universe looks up to him in high regaurds including Batman and Superman. For all of the things he has done and will do!!


  35. I’m not a continuity guy usually…but I love Bart Allen. I thought it was pretty clearly established in Bart Allen Saves the Universe that he was immune to time anomolies.

  36. @wallythegreenmonster: I’m still buying it because I love Manapul’s art. And despite my indifference towards Barry, I am interested in Flashpoint so I wanna see how much of this directly leads into it. Plus, there are only two issues left so I might as well finish the run. There isn’t a person on this site that can’t identify with that mentality. 🙂

    @monkeypaw787: “Average Joe” = Boring and unrelatable IMO.  

  37. It was pretty decent… another chapter to a solid story. 

  38. Barry > Wally

  39. i also would call a weird introverted dude like barry an average joe. He’s character is stuble but different that

  40. Barry, Hal, Bruce, Ollie, and Barbara can all go form some new kind of JLA retirement society. It would be pretty sweet. Lois Lane will there commanding a pack of Leopards also.

  41. A lot of set up in this issue. Was I supposd to be wowed by the Hot Pursuit reveal? Because I wasn’t.

  42. Barry will always be the OG Flash to me. Kids these days don’t know the difference between old-fashioned and classic;) Thought this was intriguing actually.

  43. I picked this up to have a little background knowledge when Flashpoint gets rolling … and now I’m sad this book is ending.  I’ve never seen Flash art this kinetic.  There are trades in my future…

  44. I agree with wheelhands. I always liked Barry, but I fail to see why he was resurrected. I liked Manpul’s art better on Superboy — it lend itself to rural, small town adventures. I don’t think he’s a good choice for a more urban setting, but I’m in the minority.

  45. I don’t know why other than it was fun but I enjoyed this more than all my other comics this week. 4/5

    This is ending?

    I need a DC replacement cuz I’m down low.

  46. The Hot Pursuit/Barry reveal hapenned last issue.

  47. Well after finally reading the issue it was good to the point however; nothing special at all. Just re-established who Hot Pursuit was and that was it.


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