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Doc Savage and The Spirit have joined forces at last – but can they beat the secrets behind the death of Doc’s father out of the Blackhawks? The Batman just might be two steps ahead of them all! And in the jungles of South America, it’s getting harder and harder for Rima to keep William Littlejohn alive as the forces of the Golden Tree close in…

Cover by J.G. JONES
Variant cover by LEE BERMEJO

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Finally they introduce Batman?Is it too late?

    Yes. Yes it is. If Next wave so far was anymore boring I think using the comic to paper cut inbetween each one of my fingers would be a more enjoyable experience. 

  2. Dudes, this issue is soooo late.  What’s the deal with the delay?  I’m going to pick it up, but I’m going to have to dig up the previous issues so I know what’s going on.

  3. Yeah, delays are seriously hurting this book. I loved the first couple of issues, but when the second came out I had to re-read the first because I couldn’t remember the intricacies of the plot, and I quite frankly don’t have the time to re-read #1 & #2 before reading #3. Such a shame, I would’ve loved to support Azzarello’s project, but I can’t quite justify it in single issues.

     I’m sure it’ll read brilliantly in trade format.

  4. I really freaking love this cover.

  5. This whole line has been a huge disappointment after the awesome Batman/Doc Savage.  This book is way late and confusing, and the other books just look lame.  I can’t believe I was all excited about this line now!  If this issue isn’t great I’m done with it.

  6. I have dropped this book and Doc Savage. What a huge flop.  I was really looking forward to the First Wave books it sucks that they suck.

  7. Really? I’m liking this series a lot, but I’m not reading any of the other tie-ins, so I can’t comment on them.

  8. The Spirit has been pretty good, but I dropped Doc Savage a long time ago.  That book was just horrible.  If people want to scope out a First Wave title, they should check out The Spirit, although David Hine is currently in the middle of a 4 part arc.  Check out the early issues though.  They’re good.

  9. this book feels like Azzarello wrote it for Eduardo Risso and got Rags Morales instead, Morales might be good on details but he’s lousy on mood, which is crucial for this book

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