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  1. should we read this before or after FC 4?

  2. I thought it takes place inbetween #3 and #4.  Either way, I read my most anticipated comics last; so this will definitely be read before Final Crisis #4

  3. @Insight This was originally scheduled for last week, so I think it doesn’t matter.

     I saw the first page of this in a preview. It was awesome.

  4. @insight- It’s supposed to fall between Final Crisis #3 and #4.  But I doubt it will make a difference what order you read them in

  5. @insight: on the dc nation page last week it says "The events of FINAL CRISIS #4 lead to those with Black Lightning in SUBMIT"

  6. Anyone wanna give me a brush up on tattoo man? Yes, I know I can look it up, but it’s always much more fun hearing it from you guys.

  7. @Ruo21 Guy able to conjure real stuff from his tattoo’s. I don’t know much about him, but the pictures online look awesome.

  8. I have no idea where this "fits" into Final Crisis.  Regardless I’m going to read Final Crisis #4 first.

  9. READ THIS FIRST.  The events from this flow directly into some of the first scenes of the main title.

  10. yep…  read Submit first…  FC 4 spoiled Submit for me 🙁

  11. Yeah I should have read this before FC4 but oh well.  I still thought this was pretty good.  It was a little heavy handed.  I couldn’t stand Tatoo Mans ranting.  I felt his character could have been a little more deep.  But I guess that was the whole point of the story so yeah.  All and all it was a good story and helped me better understand FC4 so theres that.

  12. Should have read submit first  but this is better than final crisis. Plus when you read both did anyone else see tatoo man becoming metron

  13. Cyberauron: That is what we call a SPOILER.  Please note it before typeing it.

  14. Once the issues are out, spoiler warnings in the book discussions are kinda superfluous.

  15. Very superfluous.

    I found it annoying that T-man kept on being so pissy with Black Lightning.  Reminded me of Samuel L. Jackson’s pain in the ass character in Die Hard With a  Vengence.  Plus I didn’t like how his son’s pants sagged way too much.  If I were on the run from a mob of angry people that wanted to enslave me, I would pull my freaking pants up before I started sprinting!  Aside from that, I liked Black Lightnings speeches and the fact that the paper was still being published.  

  16. So we only have to warn people about spoilers before we can read the book…. umm… aka never.  Right.

  17. Damn, I read this after Final Crisis 4 as I was so keen to read that first. Grrrr!

  18. Well come on guys, doesn’t it make sense that this takes place before FC#4?  I thought it did just by reading the premise for it.

  19. @Drake: Umm… not really but yeah its too late now.  I didn’t think it really spoiled the story.  Even though FC tould you what the ending was it didn’t tell you how it happened.  I enjoyed it.

  20. One thing I didn’t understand.  Where did Black Lightning get the "symbol" he was talking about?  And how did T-man hide it on his skin?  I didn’t see him tattoo it on himself anywhere in the book. 

  21. Weak story hampered by atrocious art. What a mess. I am amazed that this was written by the usually faultless Grant Morrison. I quite liked the end with B.L. being Darksided. Apart from that – not good.

  22. being…"Darksided"???  😛

  23. @drake he probably put it under a tatoo when it came off his body.

    @charlieblix spoiler warning Vader is lukes father

  24. What? Morrison wrote a story with a strait forward narrative? How can he keep his "edgy" rep up if most people who read the story can follow it? It was pretty painful to read still, with all the melodrama & people generallyt acting to the extremes of whiny bitches or boy scouts … but at least the art was uneven & pretty ugly.

  25. This issue was greatly dissaponting. I have never ever been dissapointed by a Grant Morrsion story (I even found Superman Beyond to be enjoyable, despite it’s many faults) so this is a first for me. I can’t help but think that it was ghost written by someone else considering everything about the book from dialogue to pacing, etc. felt totally off for Morrison.

    If it wasn’t ghost written, this may be the most "phoned in" story i’ve ever read.

    Also, the art was hideous.

  26. I guess I read a different book. I love Matthew Clarke’s art and the story was really interesting.

  27. @conor

    I guess i was exaggerating with the art. I actually have really liked Clarke’s artwork in the past, and there were a few beautiful panels in the book. But being an aspiring artist myself (and not the "I’m thirty years old and have no talent" kind but the "I’m still in high school and have a lot to learn" kind) i can be very picky and critical of other artists who, in reality, are more experienced and likely better than i am or ever will be.

    Also, the story wasn’t horrible per se (i gave the book a 3 out of 5) but just it wasn’t up to morrison’s standard in my opinion.

    So, i didn’t hate the book, it was just the first time i’ve felt let down by a morrison comic, so the effects were heightened.

  28. I agree with conor. yeah it wasn’t morrisons best work but it was a very fun read

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