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Templar12/10/08YesRead Review
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  1. This is nuts!

  2. What exactly is nuts?  The storyline?  That crazy ass cover?  The description?

    Actually, I can see all three being viewed as nuts.  Carry on.

  3. I think what he’s referring to is the image at the very bottom most leftern region of the cover. If you look really close, they’re there.

  4. dude love the periphery of final crisis.  bring it

  5. This has been my favourite of all the Final Crisis books so far (I liked Red Lanterns more, but it had NOTHING to do with Final Crisis) & it’s awesome to see Rucka kickin’ ass in the DCU again.

  6. @Ruo21 – Good one.

    @WadeWilson – I actually enjoyed Requim more than any of the other tie ins, though, Rogue’s Revenge was solid, too.

  7. Well, to be honest I find the whole story The Spectre, God, and Cain  to be nuts. This is a good tie-in though. I really love the art.

  8. This series has been VERY good but man, the art is way inconsistent. It ranges from "pretty OK" to "just plain ugly." And let’s be honest, the Huntress entrance/crotch shot is about 2 steps beyond ridiculous…

  9. This is a biblically fun read.  Cain/Savage really comes off as intimidating.

    @uuuhyeah – I wasn’t bothered by the art in this issue nearly as much as I was in the previous issues.  Then again, I wasn’t bothered by the crotch shot, so maybe our tastes differ. 

  10. I really don’t know what the complainta about the art are all about. I’m dumbfounded as to how so far this has the same user rating as Action Comics. This is a great story that only further illustrates the havoc that is going on in the DC universe right now.

  11. I just can’t stand Final Crisis anymore!  When is it going to be over?!

  12. If the main Final Crisis book was this good, I’d be loving it. This is way better (IMO).

    My POW. 

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