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  1. I love Final Crisis.

  2. I’m digging this but I really need to read the crime bible trade.  I feel like I’m missing a lot of depth because of it.

  3. @CharlieBlix- I’m right there with you, but I’m still enjoying it nonetheless.  My only problem is the art is hard to follow sometimes.

  4. *looks around* No one is going to mention it? Seriously? I need to bring it up?….Okay….

    Look at the cover….is that flame go to or coming out of where I think it’s at?

  5. @TheNextChampion I think we all just took it for granted that the flame was meant to signify crotch discomfort.

  6. @TheNextChampion – Either she is holding the spear of destiny or she is a natural redhead.  (If you didn’t get that one, go to and look up firecrotch.)

  7. @TNC- Only you would notice that. 🙂

  8. @Kory: Well can you blame me? What is going on with that cover that doesnt bring naughty thoughts to your mind? I doubt I’m the only one that thought of this when looking at the cover.

  9. @ nextchampion: i was scared of women before, now i’m terrified! terrified!!

  10. I intended to pick this up today, but while flipping through it in the store I realized that I just couldn’t.

  11. @Charlie Blix: I think that they might make some creams or ointmens for her condition.

  12. Holy cow.  Two comics in one week that have Revision3 mentions.  Did anyone else see the TRS shirt on the very first page!  First GABC and now this.  Really cool stuff!

  13. @Aerodynamics  You know, I’m in the same boat.  I want to support Rucka, but I’ll just save my money for when I buy the next volume of Queen & Country.

  14. @CharlieBlix – That is supposed to be Jeff Canata.  You can see the name on the tag on the inside wall of his cubical.  Pretty cool.  I am glad Rev3’s popularity is spreading.

    By the way, TRS is a kickass show.

  15. @stuclash:  Sweet!  I didn’t even see the name tag thing.  Very cool.

  16. This was awesome, but I was a little dissapointed that Batwoman didn’t light her own fart like the cover suggests.

  17. @Wade:  I hate to be the one to tell you this but… I don’t think that flames coming from her backside… if you know what I mean.

  18. @Charlie and Wade: I dont think that should be qualified as a talent, I’m generally concerned about her.

    Ato is right, she needs ointments or some magical cure by Dr. Fate….That cant be healthy when she’s on a date.

  19. I think that I am dropping this book.  I don’t really care about the Spectre.  I’m usually into the Question, but I didn’t like this issue.  Maybe I’m just big event fatigued.

  20. I had trouble focusing after seeing Jeff Canata on the first page. Great issue.

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