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  1. Well, I’ve bought all the other FC tie-ins so I just suppose I’ll have to get this one too. Plus, it’s got Mr Terrific!  o/

  2. HAHAAHA The evil plan of the mega event is working.

  3. This is bittersweet. After Checkmate just limped to the finish line in a blaze of "hmph", now we get Rucka back… but only for a short while. The tease!

  4. I wasn’t going to get it until I read these words "The world’s only hope for survival depends on one-time JLA mascot Snapper Carr".  Now I’m sold.

    Just kidding.  Final Crisis?  Greg Rucka writing?  I didn’t need convincing to buy this one.

  5. Ooh, Rucka.

    Hopefully this is better than Submit.

  6. I wasn’t interested at all until I googled Ryan Sook’s stuff. Geez, that guy. What a (drawing) arm.

    Kind of reminded me of J. G. Jones but maybe a little less meticulous and a little more on time. 

    aside: I love Jones’ work – I just wish that he would release complete pencilled projects at a time. He can’t keep up a monthly schedule. Maybe it’s just monetary concerns, they can’t float pay for an entire project without monthly sales from 1-3 issues into the series, I dunno, but I badly want to see more of his work. I hope Crisis hasn’t burnt him/publishers out on interiors.

  7. Is this a one shot? If it is then I might just buy it otherwise "computer says no"

  8. @SamMorgan- Yes, it’s a one shot.

  9. Sook on art…I’m sold!

  10. Snapper Carr + Checkmate written by Rucka + the fact I actually liked Submit = I’m buying this book AND it’s going on the bottom of my stack (where I keep the good ones)

    Damn I’m going to be disappointed if this blows… 

  11. I liked Submit, too, even though I thought I’d hate it.  I guess I’m prejudiced against tie-ins.  Might as well give this a chance.

  12. Fantastic issue! The only downside is that it made me miss Checkmate so much more…

  13. So … this Final Crisis tie-in actually ties into Final Crisis? Cool. 🙂 More Rucka is always a good thing. Is that a gay thing to say?

  14. I have to admit I know nothing about Snapper Carr.  I have read the wikipedia entry, but what is the general fan opinion of him.  Seems kinda lame to me.

    @WadeWilson – As far as I (as a straight individual) can tell, nothing about your statement is even remotely a "gay" thing to say.

  15. besides the sook art, what a waste of 4 bucks…

  16. @Stuclach — Phew! … I was just joking, anyways. 😉

  17. Simply Great. Why did DC let Rucka stop writing Checkmate?

  18. This made me wish final crisis was more like this. More fleshed out. Or at least this made me wish that this was a mini-series instead of a one shot. There are such rich stroy oppurtunites in final crisis. Final Crisis could sustain something the size of no man’s land, though of course, it would make continuity awkward for as long as it went on. But I’d perfectly happy with that.

  19. After reading this issue, I started to really appreciate Final Crisis as a whole much more.  I think it would be awesome if FC was blowing up all over all the DC books like Secret Invasion is for Marvel in the same way it’s presented in this issue. 

  20. am I the only one happy for snapper carr getting laid?  way to make the worst of a bad situation.

  21. correction, I meant "best" of a bad situation, not worst…should read before I hit submit

  22. @speaknspell I agree. I like that we now have an example in DC of a hero impulsively hooking up with a cheatah-woman-villain in a way that is sincerely life afirming.

     This was ridiculously good.

  23. @micahmyers:I always thought he left the book.  Did DC fire him? If so thats fucked up, he was awesome on that book.

  24. @winthewonderboy: i think he finished the story he wanted to tell and moved on or he could have just wanted to spend more time on his other books. either way i think it was his descision to leave the book.

  25. @micahmyers: Thats cool, as long as he left the book on his own terms

  26. Well written with great art.  Dense story that took a bit longer to read than most comics, and actually delivers a complete story despite having an open ending.  The one thing that did surpise me was how quickly Michael moved to a lethal option against the mind-controlled minions of Darkseid – is anyone operating under the premise that the effects of the anti-life equation are reversable, or do they all just figure that they’ll have to kill everyone who’s been possessed?  I would have expected them to seek non-lethal measures, but I guess an army of death-dealing OMACS is a viable solution as well….

  27. Loved it–Snapper redeemed himself as a character back in the HOURMAN series a few years back–check them out if you can. great art by Rags,too.

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