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  1. Having been twice burned and once shy on these books (shy in that I didn’t by Escape), I’m looking at this one with a bit of trepidation. I really want to enjoy it, but have a feeling it’s going to disappoint. Why do I do his to myself?

  2. @PraxJarvin

     Im in the same boat. I told myself I will give all 4 first issues a shot. The only good one so far has been Run.

  3. I’ve bought all the other first issues and not liked any of them, so I’m really debating skipping this one, especially given the size of my week already. I think this may be where I get off the FC Aftermath train.

  4. Run was ok but the other two are currently lining the bottom of the birdcage. I’m picking it up, but I won’t hesitate to put it down real quick.

  5. This was the Aftermath mini I was least looking forward to. Having said that I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I would have to say it’s a tie between Run and this for the best Aftermath mini. Story was great (until one little part at the end). The art could have told the story itself without the dialogue.


  6. I was not blown away by this issue, but man did I like it. Gritty from the writing to the art, and a very "street-wise" sense. This isn’t the Law & Order version of crime in a big city, it feels honest and real. I love urban super heroics, Luke Cage’s stuff always having been a favorite, but this steps it up a bit. The writing is a little stilted and the art could use a little more refining, but I enjoyed this. The best of the 4 titles, easily. I’ll be back next month. It’s great to see a originally Z list Villain getting a good reboot and then becoming important. This redemption story has got me hooked. 3/5. (It wasn’t a 4, I really wish I could give this a 3.5-.75).

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