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  1. anyone here anything about this?  I’m tempted to pick it up. 

  2. Azzarello was selling the hell out of it at Chicago Comic Con.  It’s suppose to be one of two books launching the Crime imprint of Vertigo.

  3. I saw some previews and it looks nice, definitely has the noir look down. Plus it Azzarello so I might check this out.

  4. You talk to Azzarello and you end up in a ditch, and cement is being poured over you.

  5. You talk to Azzarello and you’re accountable for 2nd degree murder.

  6. You talk to Azzarello and you’ve earned money that you can’t take to the bank ever.

  7. You talk to Azzarello and you have an army of bat-shit crazy goons.

  8. You don’t talk to Azzarello, he talks to you.

  9. So excited for this.  Azzarello is fantastic.

  10. This look so slick and cool, can’t wait!

  11. Picked this and the other one up.  Covers are nice, but the paper inside is cheap.  Like really cheap, which makes me wonder why did they put this in a hardcover?  These should have been paperbacks priced around $12 each.  But I’m looking forward to reading both!

  12. Noir as night and full of beat. The story of freeloaders.

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