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FF #9

This month in the FF, the EVIL Future Foundation is caught in the middle of the War of Four Cities. Watch as the war expands to encompass the entire Marvel Universe.

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Steve Epting & Rick Magyar
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Daniel Acuna & Stephanie Perger

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. If this is going to be 22 pages of Doom beating the shit out of everyone I will be a happy man.

  2. All hope lies in Doom!

  3. I have a feeling this is one subscription I’ll be renewing.

  4. I’m out. Hickman’s doing great work, but I’m sick of Marvel’s double shipping and title proliferation. Can’t afford it. Look forward to reading in trade.


    The only things I know about any of these characters are from Hickman’s run.
    SO, can someone fill me in the relationship between Victor and Valeria?

    • @Hail: Valeria made a deal with Doom that if decided to help Reed she would get him his powers back. He eventually did in issue 3….or possibly 4.

    • @TNC- Got that, but it seemed that they had a prior relationship that led up to that point. (BTW, love your reviews).

    • @Hail: Well Hickman’s run is really the only consistent read of FF I’ve ever read. So I’m not sure if there has been a past….But with over 60+ years of FF stories I gotta think there had to be before.

      (Also, very flattered you enjoy my reviews)

  6. This is the top Marvel book as far as pulls for this site as of now, putting it in 6th place for the week, behind five DC Number Ones. It’s ahead of USM #2, ASM #670 and some others.

  7. My excitement for this book is finally starting to fade. Some cool moments in this issue, but not as much as meat as I’d like. Fighting, and moving players around a bit – but its not exciting me like it used to. (except for one part involving Doom – which I liked)

  8. Hey guys – Having not read any of the Hickman run since the first arc of Fantastic Four, is picking up FF #1-9 pretty accessible, or are you missing out on too much that he did in the prior title? Thx

  9. This title is losing me. I have no desire to read about a cast of characters from other failed titles as the focus of my FF book. Get to the point Hickman.

  10. I wanna love this book but lately I spent half the book trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

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