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FF #23


• Jonathan Hickman wraps up his tenure as Old Franklin teaches Young Franklin “How To Be A God!”

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Nick Dragotta
Colors by Cris Peter
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Well this is it….The end of Hickman’s run.

    And we end it on the creepiest smile ever in comic cover history.

  2. Yep the true end of Hickmans run. And that cover… haha. Well the art on FF has always been a little different, which I’ve liked. but yea that smile on Franklins face… ha!

  3. I loved this run. Sad to see it end.

  4. This is proper shit………one of the best books out there & now it all ends, I’ve always preferred FF to Fantastic Four out of the two mostly cuz of how Hickman writes the kids. But nevertheless both series of Hickmans First Family run as a whole has been excellent from start to finish, I will miss getting this so I hope his Avengers will continue hickmans greatness in storytelling?!

    I will miss the Moloids they were proper funny!

  5. Bye hickmans fantastic four…hello hickmans avengers.

  6. Perfection, My POTW!!!!!

  7. Great art. Great writing. Great run. Thank you so very much everybody involved with these two books. Truly ” THE WORLD’S GREATEST COMIC MAGAZINE. “

  8. Just perfection. I want to read a book about this Future Foundation forever. I’m bummed that Fraction has decided to split Valeria up from the rest of the kids. But I’ve become very invested in the characters so I’m going to keep with it and hope that Fraction doesn’t screw it up.

    This was just wondrous. Dragotta’s version of Leech is just the best. The pocket universe is PERFECT. And Valeria might be the BEST character of the entire Marvel Universe. I’m going to miss Hickman on this, I’m going to miss Dragotta drawing this.

    They should put Valeria on the Young Avengers so she can put Kid Loki in his place every two seconds.

  9. So sad to see this end. This was a remarkable run and one of the most emotional stories ever to be told on the comics page.

    Comics can sometimes be a little heavy handed when it comes to the drama – love stories, deaths, etc .. but Hickman wove a tale of family that was at once fantastic and subtle, out-of-this world but also easy to relate to – especially if you are a parent.

    I’ll be following Hickman to the Avengers and can’t wait to see what he does there

  10. I didn’t even know this was ending but I really really liked this issue and I don’t even know why.

  11. I think I need to re-read that whole Hickman run again on FF and F4…just one of the best superheroing books I’ve ever read.

    • I definitely recommend that. I re-read the entire run recently, and some of the weaker (or perceived weaker when they came out) parts of the story come together much better when read consecutively – such as the initial return of Black Bolt – which at the time seemed like a huge pacing stall out at the time, but feels much more cohesive and epic on the re-read.

      Its funny, most of my favorite parts of this run have been illustrated by Nick Dragotta. His silent issue (funeral of Johnny Storm) really stuck with me as a high point. For me – the 3 best parts of Hickmans run – Ben Grimm letting off some steam with Hulk and Thor, “To Me My Galactus”, and this final issue.

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