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FF #12

The beginning of a 4-part arc that runs parallel with FOREVER in the Fantastic Four.

We’ve teased it for years, now find out exactly how Doctor Doom and the Future Foundation will save us all.

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Juan Bobillo
Cover by Steve Epting

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.9%


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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Weird that Marvel isn’t giving any type of previews for this issue. Something big must be happening in it…..wait that can’t be the case because there would already be a USA Today article spoiling the fun.

    Anyways, I’m giving it a shot because I’m intrigued on the new direction and artist for the book. If this title focuses a lot on Doom then I expect a fucking beatdown on the Evil Richards at the end of this thing.

  2. ugh not sure if there is room on my pull list for two Fantastic Four books. I will follow the main one but to be honest the Future Foundation has been the least interesting part of hickman’s run, so hopefully all that stuff stays confined to this book. I may give this a shot regardless though.

    • They’ve been double shipping FF most months. My understanding is that the output will be about the same, but just 2 different titles shipping once per month each

    • @cutty yeah the double shipping has been killing my budget too. It’s been having to come out of my “extra” budgeted money ;). I will give this a shot regardless but unless it’s vital to the flagship book story I will most likely drop it.

    • @thompson – Marvel slipping the double shipping past us on most of their big books was pretty slick though right? As far as I know, Amazing Spider-Man was the only title where they made their multi-book-per-month shipping method public. It seems like for FF and Uncanny X-Force we all had to come to the “wait a sec!” moment on our own

  3. I like the kids and Dragon Man so I hope that the series will end up focusing on them, eventually.

  4. After the tome of amazing that was #600 i’m adding FF & Fan Four to my pull list. might have to drop something though.

  5. Already subscribing to FF direct from Marvel, and I just ordered Fantastic Four from my retailer. The World’s Greatest Comic hasn’t been this fun for me since 1973.

  6. The story in this and Fantastic Four are complete linked. Instead of doing a 10 issues story arch (and thus 10 months), they’re just going to do the 10-parter in two titles for five months.

  7. The art is tough for me to digest. Such a big departure from what he had been seeing, and faces and ages are very inconsistent. I was often confused who was who outside of Valeria.

  8. I’m not sure the art was bad so much as inappropriate. I wouldn’t mind if whoever made the decision got punched hard in the face. Gotta love double shipping.

  9. Easy POTW for me. Enjoyed it so much I instantly re-read it two more times.

    And am I the only person who really LIKED the art? I thought the switch was very fitting for the new tone of the book. Although there were a few inconsistencies… Count the human kids on the second story page, for instance. It’s fun.

    • I thought the art was great! Sure its different from previous outings, but so what? I see the new direction as being, that they are focusing more on the kids, so the art will be more playful. I thought it worked well and the execution was quite nice.

      Its always discouraging when something that looks slightly different gets so much resistance. I don’t understand comic fandom at all.

    • On another book I might possibly be into the art. But when I consider having to go back and forth between Fantastic Four and this for the story, Its going to jerk me out of it.

      I honestly had trouble differentiating some of the kids. I know Bentley is the brown haired kid, but did Valeria call another brown haired kid Alex? How tall is Leech anyways? Because I swear there is a panel where he is half the size of Franklin. Who’s the kid with the mop of long hair? I don’t recall any of the characters having hair that long? There’s a nose, then there’s not….

      its that kinda thing

    • Yeah, with all the negative comments about the art I was thinking I was the only one who liked it.

    • I loved the art too, but it would benefit from some consistency checking. And Dragon Man looks totally wrong. Good storytelling though and good overall effect. I liked it a lot and it can only improve.

  10. Story is great but WTF with the art? I mean, I know Epting is doing Fantastic now but Jesus, someone replace him with at least a half-way talented artist.

    The art is what is probably going to keep me from making this my pick of the week.

  11. I’m all for artistic interpretation, but that’s just not what Dragon Man looks like.

  12. To me it just seemed they made Val look much younger then she had been looking, but the story was great

  13. Didn’t like at art first but when I noticed the tone has changed I started to like the art more and more

  14. I’ve really been enjoying Hickman’s run on FF, which I jumped on at issue 1. Great writing, interesting characters, snappy dialogue, big ideas… this book has it all. But I can’t help but feel like I don’t really know what the hell is going on. I mean, I can follow the plot, but I don’t know what happened prior to issue 1. I don’t know all the interpersonal relationships between characters, the history of the world this takes place in. Is there a wiki or website where I can catch up on that stuff? I think it will greatly increase my enjoyment of an already fine book.

  15. I love the new direction of this title. Hickman’s essentially writing a sci-fi version of the Runaways. It’s a perfect title for readers that enjoy teen oriented titles (Teen Titans, Avengers Academy, Runaways, New Mutants) or just fun titles full of comic booky ideas. It’s also a great title for young readers, without talking down to kids, and it’s in the main Marvel continuity unlike most of the young reader friendly titles. I applaud Hickman for writing two FF titles with completely different tones. Those that want the original FF with a more serious tone and realistic art can check out Fantastic Four and those who enjoy the “new class,” want a lighter tone, and don’t mind cartoony art can read FF. Hickman is turning the Fantastic Four into it’s own mini-Universe like the X-titles. I do agree that the art feels rushed and sloppy here, but the cartoony style is perfect for the tone and direction of this title. I love Epting but a realistic art style wouldn’t work with the current tone of this title.

  16. Could someone give me a synopsis here? I read this, but I kept wondering why Valeria looked like Smurfette. It was distracting.

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