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FF #10

Ben Grimm returns to the pages of the FF as Ronan the Accuser and the armies of the Kree Empire invade the Earth!

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Barry Kitson
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters byClayton Cowles
Cover by Steve Epting

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Is it just me, or is every other Reed in the Marvel multiverse outside of the vanilla 616 (Ult. included) some shade of evil? I mean the league was ok, but they were a bit lobotomy happy and overly utilitarian in the benevolent dictator style of villain.

    • Agreed. What happened to all of the Reeds being varied? All the other Reeds in this story are pretty much the same cookie cutter evil.

    • well you have to remember that the Celestials killed almost the entire council of Reeds. these guys are just 3 Reeds out of who knows how many

    • Yeah I get that, it just would have been nice if they had a little more personality. If they seemed a little unique and different from each other.

    • Absolute power corrupts absolutely … all the other Reeds set themselves up to be the ultimate problem-solvers, correct? It follows logically (IMO) that they would end up as shades of evil … the ends justify the means and all that jazz, yada yada yada … the 616 Reed hasn’t yet been corrupted and chose to say “no” to the Council of Reeds if I recall correctly. I just hope Hickman gets to the point soon, because this book is starting to feel like it did before I dropped it … before I picked it up again … before I … etc. etc.

  2. Phew!

    No Tocchini to do a fill in issue. Kitson did a great job to fill in for Epting before and I have no doubt he will be great again. Ending was really strange to #9 though….wonder where that is gonna go?

  3. Is anyone else ready to just see Dr. Doom screw over everyone in some brilliant master plan yet? I mean, maybe it’s my inner-Lee, but I want some lightening finger-tips blasting crappy electronics, some lame one-liners from Spidey and Thing, Reed to be his calculating self, and then have Sue break off an almost adulterous moment with Namor just in time to be the strongest member of the team and humiliate Doom [again].

  4. Dammit, Epting’s gone again, already? Oh well, a minor complaint. Not even those terrible Black Bolt issues could de-rail the FF train.

    • Yeah, I was a massive cheerleader for the previous run on F4 but the constant art changes are rally starting to hurt my enjoyment of this book. iMO they should get rid of Epting and get someone on who can do more than 2 issues in a row.

  5. I’m very happy I subscribed to this comic, and plan on renewing soon.

  6. Great, let’s double ship again and hurt the quality of the books even more! I hope this books gets back on track soon, I used to really love it.

  7. I was blown away by the art in this, loved the colors

  8. Solid issue but I feel like I’m forgetting a lot of what’s happening because I’m reading soo many comics lately. 🙁

  9. I have never wanted to like a comic more and struggled with doing so more…I love the art (although the extra large panels didn’t serve a whole lot of purpose in this one), but the story is so darned complex I have trouble following it…

    • I’m right with you, I keep sticking with it because I loved it at the beginning but I have no idea what’s going on anymore. I did like this issue more than last few.

  10. Loved the art by Kitson, glad to be finally passed the battle of the last couple issues so we can start moving the plot forward. I felt this issue was much better than the last few. Kind of back on track for me.

  11. Okay, couple of questions.

    1) Who is Captain America now because that looked an awful lot like Steve Rodgers old costume. Is he Cap again or did Bucky do back to the old school costume?

    2) Why the hell are the Kree involved in this and why are they after Earth…again?


  12. I’m not understanding Spidey’s mask. Didn’t the FF know who Peter was Spider-Man at one point?

  13. This was solid as always, even though the huge turn around in tone was a bit weird. We had two straight issues of an epic showdown and Hickman really slowed it down here. The art by Kitson was good though; but he is definitely no Epting.


  14. I think I’m out…I should have jumped ship sooner. I usually enjoy Hickman’s stuff but this has been getting worse and worse. Gotta thin out the pull-list.

  15. I’m still in, but I am getting a little worn out on the moving-chess-pieces-around phase of the story that’s been going on for awhile. I really want the $#!t to hit the fan pretty soon. The only thing that really disappoints me about this whole run is the inconstant nature of the art. Most of the individual artists have been fine or better, but I desperately with that Eaglesham had stayed on for the whole run, for me his art was perfect for the tone and scope of this story.

    • Like I said, I’m ready for Dr. Doom to start acting like–well, Dr. Doom.

      Really though, with Ben back and Nathanial with Doom and an alti-Reed AND some Kree vs. Inhumans shit about to go down… I think Hickman is gonna give us what we want if not next issue than the one right after it.

  16. So in most peoples opinions here is this title not that good at the moment? I stopped reading at issue 6 and am trying to thin my pull list so might jump back on depeding

    • It’s a Hickman book. He takes the time to set the stage and then lets all hell lose. If you don’t like to wait long for a big climax, then this probably isn’t the series for you.

  17. The more i read this in issues, the more i feel i should read this in trades.

  18. This series is a drag. Sad, because I started out absolutely loving the first few issues. I hope the Fantastic Four reclaims a sense of fun when the big issue 600 rolls around, because this series is just plain drab. If they don’t work it out soon, I’m going to have to take another FF vacation.

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