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FF #1

It’s the FANTASTIC first issue of FF!

A bold new direction for Marvel’s First Family featuring new members, old friends, older enemies and uneasy alliances that will send shockwaves through the Marvel Universe.

With stunning art work by Steve Epting and Paul Mounts, please join writer, Jonathan Hickman, on the second massive arc in the bold new direction for the “World’s Greatest Comic”

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Steve Epting & Rick Magyar
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Russ Wooton
Covers by Steve Epting, Daniel Acuna, Marko Djurdjevic, Gerald Parel, Stan Goldberg, Joe Sinnott & Val Staples

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 51.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Doom and Spidey join the team. 🙂

  2. God yes

  3. Bad costumes aside, I am so psyched for this.

  4. are they keeping this at 3.99 past the first issue?

  5. Really excited for this, hope my LCS doesn’t run out like they did the final 2 issues of Fantastic Four, I hate having to wait!!!

  6. Low expectations for this, but Spidey is fulfilling a life-long ambition, so what the heck?

  7. I am pronouncing this “phfff.”

  8. I picked up Fantastic Four a few years ago, but missed Hickman’s run.  I’ll pick this  up because I like the concept.  I’m also a fan when they switch out characters.  I’d love to see a few different folks fill in if Spidey needs to do something else from time to time.

  9. I think I may be the only one who likes the new costumes. I am a variant whore.

    Want to give this a shot. Loved 2/3 of Hickman’s first arc on Fantastic 4 (guess we can’t abbreviate that now, huh?), but he lost me after that.

  10. Cover is pretty and well put together. Must resist… temptation… to buy.

  11. Gonna pick this up but possibly not read it until I read the third Hickman trade. Any idea when it’s supposed to come out?

  12. @CaseyJustice: No, I love these new costumes — Hexagon theme (even Spidey’s) & mod yet retro sci-fi.

  13. @CaseyJustice  @PozrDu  – Nope, I really dig the costumes too.

    And previews looks like FF will be $2.99 after this issue. Buy away.

  14. been really looking forward to this. hope i can get it for cover price!

  15. could not care less

  16. @edward Your loss. Hickman has been on a serious roll lately. I feel he stumbled a bit after his great opening arc (solving everything), but the Three storyline was sooo good. A lot of the credit should be given to Epting, who is killing it as well.

  17. nah

  18. @CaseyJustice you are not the only one that loves the new costumes. I think they’re fantastic!!!

  19. @CaseyJustice: I am digging the new costumes as well.

  20. Nice to see the costume love, but it just occured to me that Ben is gonna be wearing straight up boxer briefs now. At least when they were blue we could pretend they were shorts.

  21. Actually looking forward to this even though I gave up on Hickman’s FF midway through. (Full disclosure: I ADORED 588 and made it my POTW). 

  22. pass

  23. loves the new costumes. Hickman’s run has been great. Really fun and good Science Fiction. 

  24. It looks like Thing is throwing that ship like a frisbee.

  25. I am loving the new uniforms as well!!! Hahaha The FF will be washing and drying these costumes often unless the material is debris resistant.

    Does anyone know if Dragon Man is going to be part of the team?

  26. Never cared for Fantastic Four but after hearing so many great things, well, I’m in.

  27. @TexasZombie99: Wouldn’t he throw that in Ultimate FF?  😉

  28. Eh, if it weren’t for Spider-Man, I’d check this out. I like Spidey, but I don’t need any more of his antics. He’s like Deadpool to me in some ways. Plus, the last six months of Hickman’s FF left me cold. I’m out.

  29. @froggulper  I on the other hand will check this out because of Spider-man. I’m also a fan of substituting team members plus I love the new costumes, so there you go.

    I’m going on a limb here and guess that this would probably be the majority PotW. I got the vibe just from reading the preview. (That Invisible Woman and Spider-man conversation which can be taken as having a double meaning is awesome, lol)

  30. This is gonna be the first FF book that I have purchased off of the stands. I saw how Epting was doing Spidey and I cannot resist. I am such a sucker for an artist who does a good webslinger

  31. The awful costumes and cover art makes me wonder what blind monkey approved these designs. I hope the book is good. I love these characters.

  32. Still say sue looks like Miley Cyrus on that cover

  33. the cover is pretty nice from a design/layout perspective, but i don’t like the visual execution of the illustration. 

  34. I was originally going to trade wait this series. Not because of the quality, mind you, but because Hickman’s Fantastic Four stories are part of a small initiative on my end to collect a chunk of my pull list in trade form. I’m hoping this will cut down my weekly comic cost.

    But hey, I’m very curious to see what the deal with Dr. Doom and Valerie is, so I’m down for the issues.

  35. Fantastic Four Agends of A.I.M.

  36. This wasn’t for me. I didn’t think it served well as a first issue. I hope others enjoyed it but I won’t be picking up #2.

  37. This is not FF #1 people; it’s Fantastic Four #589.

    It’s a set up to make the Four the Future Foundation, but I am flabbergasted why this had to be renamed and renumbered. The team has lost members before to death and they still kept their name.

    Regardless of that, this was a pretty fun issue even if it doesn’t compare to the last two issues that came before it. Can’t wait to see more Doom in my comics though.

    4.5/5 (POTW) 

  38. This was as good as people have been saying. I was impressed.

  39. Actually, of all the renumberings of late, this one actually makes the most sense and is far less deserving of outrage than all the other completely random renumberings. I love the fact that it’s now called the Future Foundation with a heavy focus on the kids. Hickman is killing it here.

  40. Loved this!  Totally reccomend this to people who have been reading Fantastic Four and to anyone who hasn’t been as well.  Can’t wait for next issue to finally find out the whole thing with Doom and Val!!!

  41. And I’m hooked.

  42. This was great but this issue really could have used about 10 more story pages, because it was a rather light, quick read for a first issue.

  43. Jumping on with this issue.

  44. I enjoyed this but I really do not like Spider-man being on the team,,,,he’s being so over used and with all the cool stuff going on in his own book with him struggling without his spider sense it just feels dumb they would throw him into yet another team

  45. For the exact same reasons as Wolverine. He moves product. This is a business, not just an art. And the bigger the company you work for, the more it is like a business. They wanted to move more units, so they drafted Spidey to the team.

  46. Honestly though, Spider-man on this team makes a ton of sense….way more so than having him on both of the Avengers teams.

  47. Not intrested!!

  48. @Flash923  Thanks for letting us know, we were all on the edge of our seats

  49. Must Spider-man and Wolverine be in ever team in the Marvel Universe? 

  50. @TechnoViking  For the avengers i will give you that but spidey and the FF have a long history. story-wise it makes sense

  51. Yes please. I’ll take more of this.

  52. wow this was Fantastic! (see what i did there?) 

    seriously good stuff

    @PraxJarvin  -agree with you fully on that. I got to the last page and i was like “already!?!?!?!” It just felt really fast, even though the physical book felt kinda thicker than usual. 

  53. I don’t get this one.  The book is okay, nice art and pacing, but the content of the stories is taking me out.  The lead in issues to Johnnies ‘death’ were great and showed the team in some good stories.  Then all that good build up to a crappy death, now this?  Couldn’t the team have just gone into this arc with johnny or were sales that bad?  Luckily Marvel is quick to issue the premiere editions, so I’ll be able to get this arc by the end of the year and hold my eternal scorn in check till then.
    Oh and Reed’s dad looks like a tool with that pony tail. 

  54. I love the story, I love the creativity but Epting is not right for this book. His stuff is too dark and realistic for this book. I would love to see Paul Pelletier on this book. Some one who can really handle the fantastic elements of the story.

  55. I really want to see a scene of the FF trying to get Doom into one of the white costumes 😉

    This was a beautiful followup to the death of Johnny Storm.  I loved watching the emotion and interaction of everyone in the Future Foundation.    I like the addition of Reed’s Dad and Im enjoying seeing him be as distant with Reed, as Reed occasionally can be with the rest of the family.    I noticed Spiderman’s getting his own room…I suppose every hero should have a private place to get away even in the Baxter Building but I did have to think about this one a bit, since Spidey’s got his own place there in New York….unless I’m missing something.  Does he no longer have his own place? 

  56. I am such a sucker for these all-white covers. I really need to take them with me to my next con.

  57. RoiVampire-I am glad your paying attention lol.
    Well I bought and read it among other books over the weekend. Lets be honest; its ok nothing special did not get me hooked so I will not be buying anymore. Everyone already knows Johnny will be back!!


  58. I stipidy skipped a few issues of Fantastic 4 but came back for the final arc and this continues the excellent run. One of the few Marvel books I get and looking forward to how it pans out.

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