As the Marvel Universe is wracked with FEAR ITSELF, only Deadpool sees it for what it truly is…a way to make money. Has Deadpool really been chosen as one of the worthy, granted one of The Serpent’s Hammers? Or did he just take any old hammer and go to town with some rhinestones? Either way, when Deadpool hits the street with his shiny new mallet it’s – STOP! Hammer time.

Don’t miss Deadpool playing whack-a-mole with the comic event of the season!

Story by Christopher Hastings
Art by Bong Dazo & Joe Pimentel
Colors by Matt Milla
Letters by Simon Bowland
Cover by Ryan Stegman

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  1. Hey! Where’s the M.C. Hammer parody? (shakes fist)

  2. pick of the week. lol

  3. I’m game. 

  4. “As the Marvel Universe is wracked with FEAR ITSELF, only Deadpool sees it for what it truly is…a way to make money.”

    I miss the original cover, but I’m still going to get this. The only Fear Itself tie-in I’m getting (Deadpool tells it like it is, foo’) besides MAYBE Uncanny X-Force.  

  5. At one point I was considering collecting the current Deadpool series. This tie in reminded me of why I decided not to. I don’t get the cartoony Deadpool. Deadpool is so much cooler in Uncanny X-Force. Admittedly the MC Hammer gag made me chuckle. I just don’t understand why the art style needs to be so cartoony to be “funny”. 


  6. @FumJ79  

    Have you read Deadpool?  Or any of the minis, or any of Cable and Deadpool?

    The cartoony feel of it is part of the fun.  Wade knows he’s in a comic book, he understands that people are reading him.  The cartoony look to this comic, and to the current main run of Deadpool represents the character’s mindset at the time.

    This entire story is very tongue-in-cheek.  It pokes a lot of fun at the Fear Itself storyline in general.  It is a parody of the Marvel event and the cartoony feel adds to this.  Of course he’s “so much cooler in Uncanny X-Force” because that’s a far more serious story, and contains a Deadpool who’s mindset harkens back to New Mutans #98 and his assassin persona.

    Fear Itself Deadpool is about a guy trying to make a buck.  It doesn’t need to be nitty-gritty ‘srs bsns” stuff, it needs to be lighthearted.

    Still pissed that Bong (hehehehe bong) doesn’t put that little poof on the back of his mask though.  I like that poof a lot. 

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