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  1. Farewell, Fear Agent.  I shall miss you, and patiently await your return…

  2. Finally!  It’s not dead yet…still have one more arc after the conclusion of this one.

  3. Yep… ends at 32.

  4. finally can’t wait for this

  5. Another arc?  FANTASTIC!

  6. Ahhh I love fear agent and can’t wait til there are deets about the movie, alas I wait for trades so it’ll be a while. But a new arc after this one sweet!

  7. Wow, really wish I was near my shop this summer soley so that I could go pick this up.

  8. So this means a new trade will be out soon? WOOOOOOOOO!

  9. who’s this "Ron Richards" dude they quoted?

  10. Gee I wonder who added that little quote at the end? 🙂

  11. I feel like this just came out… HA! Who am I kidding?

  12. cover of the week

  13. I got into Fear Agent late, had to buy the first 4 trades, then started with the single issues, but I think I’ll pick this up (just to have the full arc in singles) and then switch back to trades. When I saw this on the list, I realized that it had been so long since the last ish that I have NO recollection of how it ended, or even what the story arc was about. Something about his daughter, that’s all I remember. Damn.

  14. i’m glad it is back, i’m sad that it isn’t back for long.

  15. This could come out once a year and I’d still get it.

  16. Finally

  17. I’ve been reading this since issue #1 and now that the end is in sight, at least i know that i will be able to go back and re-read it all over again and i’ll probably love it even more. 

  18. Controlling Time.


  19. This cover reminds me of a Star Wars movie poster.

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