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  1. is the quote from ron in the actual solicitations because if it is that’s awesome

  2. It is.

  3. Is this issue a good place to jump in or do I need to wait for a new arc?

    Wait… don’t tell me…. buy the trades and catch up. 

  4. just buy it.

  5. Listen to Remender–GET ON SINGLE ISSUES!!!

    I hope the Ifanboys discuss this in the podcast…I’m really curious to hear their take on the current arc. 

  6. Picked it up today… just finished it.


  7. Come on…I understand that everyone has their own likes and dislikes…but when a Legion book written by Johns and drawn by Perez that has a crazed Superboy Prime in it comes out and this is pick of the week? What the hey!!!

  8. F*** the Legion

  9. Blood Beer. 

    This alone gives it POW eligibility. 

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