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What will Detective Walt Booker sacrifice, to what gods? And is he looking for redemption or revenge?

In part three of BRUBAKER and PHILLIPS’ new horror/noir masterpiece, the threads of the first arc twist together… into a noose around the neck of a corrupt cop in late ’50s San Francisco.

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Sean Phillips & Dave Stewart
Cover by Sean Phillips

Price: $3.50
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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    1. I’m still not sure about this title, if I want to continue with it or collect it in trade or just drop it all together. It hasn’t been that bad but at the same time hasn’t lived up to the hype of what I was expecting from this.

      • I agree with you. When it comes to creators that I really like, I try to give them a full arc before making a decision, but eventually it’s just not frugal to pump hard-earned money into something that isn’t better than “okay.”

      • Not sure what you were expecting. It follows the same Sleeper; Criminal; Incognioto type of writing we know and love from Brubaker. I find this book to be more eerie and somewhat more complicated than his previous work. You can’t tell me that you didn’t appreciate that creepy cliffhanger at the end of the last issue. C’mon! This book isn’t ground breaking but I don’t get the idea that Brubaker is half-steppin’ it either. The art and colouring is on the monsy as well.
        I think you boys are victims of “The Hype.”

      • @skydog or we are just genuinely on the fence, with a different opinion to you. I’m not digging this a lot either. Was gonna ask if this is an ongoing? If so, I think I’ll be going to trades or even dropping. This issue might be the decision maker. Srs business.

      • Ya exactly I would have to agree with agent graves (man that sounds funny to say haha) I never once said I don’t like fatale so far it’s been fine I just don’t know where I stand with it and weather or not to continue in issue format or drop it all together cuse it hasn’t been that Amazing to me. I will probably decide with this issue

      • I’m also actively thinking about not pre-ordering issue #5. My pull list is extremely bloated right now, and Fatale has not lit my world on fire like certain other new Image rollouts (Prophet and Manhattan Projects being the big ones). I fear my experiment into experiencing Brubaker for the first time has met a disappointing end.

    2. I’m gonna read this issue, and decide whether to keep on or not.

    3. i always giv it till the 1st arc (unless its realy bad) and so far on this series its all good but i do think once 1st arc complete it be worth going over again and re-reading the lot as with monthly comics you can 4get certain bits

    4. good issue, a bit of a slow start, but the second half was great.

    5. Well I have been loving this so far. Part of the reason is that I have a soft spot for horror, pulp stories, and the Bru/Phillips team; so this book is right up my alley. It has been a slow build, but the story seems to be pretty complex, and if Brubaker’s notes in the back page are any indicator everything is playing out this way for a reason. I know others have commented about the paper stock before, myself included, but seriously this comic FEELS great in my hands; which is funny considering it’s pulp roots. The stories still crackle, but paperwise pulp fiction has come a long way.

      • Best paper and ink quality I’ve ever seen on a single issue comic. The colors are so vivid, it looks as if I’m looking at an original piece of art, actual paint on page as opposed to a printed copy. If all my books looked that good, I’d never consider the digital versions of comics.

    6. Now that was a noir comic! This issue just saved the series.

    7. For those who were asking, the “Notes from Brubaker” section (or whatever its called) at the back of the book states that currently, Fatale will be 15 issues total.

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