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    Story by Ed Brubaker
    Art by Sean Phillips & Dave Stewart
    Cover by Sean Phillips

    Size: 0 pages
    Price: 3.50

    I feel bad for anyone who is reading this book digitally, I feel worse for anyone who isn’t reading it at all. I don’t know what it is but Fatale is printed on a almost newsprint feeling paper that just invokes a feeling of reading a 40’s pulp story from a newsstand and God love this book for it.

    into the actual book though aside from my gushing Fatale continues its slow burn but this issue gives us a serious look at what story there is and a little more of the curtain is drawn but still yet we can only see a tentacle here or a raven there which just makes me more and more excited for this book.

    The cover is amazing as always and the inside art keeps the same great style it has had for the past 2 issues. Sean Phillips knows just how to make Brubakers story pop and really draw you in.

    On the story side of things the only thing i could say against the book is just that its all buildup but unlike the last two issues that felt almost purely buildup there are a few answers given in this issue, its just that theres 10 more brought up by each syllable of the answer. This is where this book triumphs and i know normally I’m critical and will go on about little things and I guess I can give one.

    The only problem with his book is it feels like its written for trade and not for individual issues, but I’m alright with that

    In Short: Buy this book if your a horror fan or a noire fan, and if your both, buy the book, then buy the trades.

    Story: 4 - Very Good
    Art: 4 - Very Good


    1. I read the book digitally. While I appreciate the sentiment, you don’t need to feel bad for me.

      • Just curious, what makes you decide to read certain books digitally as opposed to in print? I thought you dropped this since it wasn’t in your pull list on Monday.

      • @Suicidakangarooz: I just forgot to pull it. Missed it somehow.

        Basically, if I can get it on Graphicly, I read it digitally.

      • the reason I say that is the fact that in my opinion the fact that it feels like newsprint paper really adds to the experience for me. Makes it feel like its right off a newsstand. the actual book would work fine but yea probably should have elaborated

    2. I’m trade-waiting, and now I feel bad that you feel bad that you feel bad.

      Here, feel that.

      Bad, huh?

      I’m sure it’ll feel better when the swelling goes down.


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