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  1. Man, I’m excited about this. The more Paul Cornell the better!

  2. Buying this because Paul Cornell’s work on CB&MI13 has been excellent.

  3. I’ll give it a shot because of Cornell too!

  4. I’m also going to try this strictly based on Cornell.  I also think CB&MI13 is brilliant and a must-read.

  5. Until Cornell was interviewed by the iFanboy crew, I was going to give this a pass.  I will now pick it up in the inevitable (one hopes!) trade.  His enthuisasm for the story seemed sincere and was contagious!

  6. "Dante…like in Clerks"?  Great line.

  7. All I could think after reading this issue is how much I would love to see Cornell on the regular FF book with a better artist.

  8. Cornell would be great on FF.  Even though he is exclusive to DC I think Geoff Johns would own FF and might actually get me to buy it…maybe.

    I enjoyed this even though the art was a little off to me.

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