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• Jonathan Hickman’s groundbreaking run comes to an end in this climactic issue!

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Ryan Stegman
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Ryan Stegman, Paul Mounts, Billy Tan, Edgar Delgado, & John Tyler Christopher

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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    No-matter what this will be my POTW!

  2. best FF run i’ve ever read, hands down. Though Ringo and Waid were pretty darn good too

    • Byrne, Kirby… just not up to that standard, eh?

    • Everybody has different taste. While of course Kirby and Bryne are legendary artists, can’t say I’m into either of those runs much personally. Though I love Bryne/Claremont’s X-Men run.

      Agreed on Waid, and agreed Hickman has rocked.

    • The older, classic comics may be awesome in their own way, as a modern reader I can’t get over the tropes of the old days

      That being said, those classic FF stories are amazing for the unintentional comedy!

  3. Goodbye Hickman on Fantastic Four your run has been great. Will definatley be reading Avengers and New Avengers when they are out.

  4. Really looking forward to this, an end to a classic run. will be getting my Hickman fix via Manhattan Projects in the future (can’t justify adding three four dollar books to my pull list).

  5. Kind of funny that this is the second “final issue” of Fantastic Four penned by Hickman in the last two years. I’m really going to miss him writing this book. Still holding out hope for an F4/FF omnibus.

  6. Sniff

    Not sure if I’m prepared for this. Then again we still have an issue of FF left so this isn’t technically the final issue of Hickman with these characters.

  7. Thank you Mr. Hickman.

  8. So sad to see this ending. One of my favourite runs in years.

  9. Loved this and the Waid run. Appreciated the Kirby run. Looking forward to reading the Byrne run.

  10. After all the hype directed towards other issues this week, this is the one that delivered. POTW

  11. Simply brilliant final issue, Batman was close but I am slightly biased to Hickman’s abilities & they are truly superb!

    So as I stated earlier that this would be my POTW & guess what it is by a long-shot.

  12. Amazing finale!

    This has been a hell of a ride and one of the most emotional comic book stories I’ve ever read.

    I was thinking of passing on Avengers as I’ve never been into that team but I have to follow him there.

  13. I don’t know why but this was my Pick of the Week. Uncle Doom is a sweety pie? Sure why not. Group hug.

  14. I didn’t read comics for two decades. I got back into them with DC’s new 52. I’ve been loving all the Batman titles and Swamp Thing. So lately I’ve given Marvel a try. I read an issue of Daredevil that was alright. I tried out Spiderman but the Ramos art ruined it for me. So now here I am with my first issue of Fantastic Four in two decades. When I last saw them they were in the capable hands of John Byrne. But in the year 2012 I’ve got to say I was underwhelmed. DC just seems to have better artwork and storytelling than Marvel these days. Good luck with Marvel Now- you’re going to need it!

  15. Those are valid points. But there is a reason “The World’s Greatest Comics Magazine” sells less copies than “Hit Girl”.

    • That’s because the people who like mindless childlike violence & pretentious story/set-up that Millar provides is so appealing than good solid story, interesting characters & great family orientated book with feeling & life!

      Unfortunately violence/sex sells better than science/family, which is a huge shame, but as JSA1036 states your timing is very bad with the wonderful run.

      MarvelNOW! Does not set me up with anything amazing but neither does the awful New 52 that DC has, I have not been impressed at all with company I held so highly once.
      So horses for courses with either company, but you should definitely start Hickmans run from the beginning (not the Dark Reign mini) it is well & truly worth it!

  16. Okay I’ll give it a shot, thanks! Surely you don’t have to go back three years to enjoy the story arc though, right? I assume there must have been a good place to jump on, say, a few months ago?

    • For the last few months both FF and Fantastic four have been kind of tying up loose ends and doing either done in one or very brief stories – everything after # 604. The real essence of Hickman’s run is a much longer arc that really does have its roots in his first issue. Example: the prologue of his first issue is an exact mirror of the epilogue in issue 604 – a moment that just hits you and makes you realize he has had a plan all along. It would still have been cool but having read the previous material gives it much more of an impact.

      I agree with a lot of what you are saying above and it sounds like we have similar tastes – I also came back to comics with the New 52 and agree that Marvel is not as good as Image/DC/Vertigo. I guarantee that if you invested a few bucks and picked up the trades cheap on amazon you would really dig this

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