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• A life hangs in the balance…

• As Marvel’s First Family race through an alien landscape.

• Follow the Fantastic Four on a journey unlike any you’ve seen before.

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Ron Garney
Cover by Ron Garney

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I thought this was supposed to be about Black Panther and Wakanda.

    Because its Hickman and its FF, I’m still down for it, but just curious.

    • I think that storyline is still coming.

    • Its the same balls-up for next weeks FF as well, I don’t think the whole Wakanda saga starts til Julys issues of both titles!

      Obviously a Marvel mistake!

      But this is still gonna be awesome it’s Hickman!

    • I did a bit of looking and it looks like 606 was originally solicited as a Black Panther story… more research required… commencing…

    • K, I asked Hickman via Twitter and he confirmed the Wakanda/Black Panther storyline got pushed back one issue. So it will start up next issue.

    • zlbenson@ You are mah dude, wish I could just say “yeah spoke to Hickman on twitter”, major jealous!

    • Love his Tweet about the last issue:

      “FF 605.1 is the .1 issue built to destroy .1 issues. Inaccessible, divergent, and it leads into an issue that came out 3 years ago. COMICS!”

    • – Riley

      That’s whats awesome about twitter – just straight up ask and sometimes you get a response. Its not like we know each other. Simple as :

      Zach ‏@zlbenson
      @JHickman did the Wakanda/Black Panther storylines get pushed back for F4/FF?

      JonathanHickman ‏@JHickman
      @zlbenson – yeah. They’re 607-608.

    • Still kudos all-round!!!

    • @Zlb @Riley Ya twitter is pretty rad when it comes to talking to creators. Ask a thoughtful question, say something nice etc etc usually gets you responces. I just talked to Rick Remender via twitter asking about Secret avengers and hell, Humberto Ramos who draws spidey even follows me.

    • @WillupsBrighton: Which issue was that? Now I’m curious …

  2. Please let this be an Animal Man homage…

  3. They had me at Hickman and Garney.

    On F4 having fun. One, please.

  4. I guess I’ll jump on with this issue. Haven’t been reading this series but I’ve heard tons of good things about this book. So I’ll give it a try.

  5. I wonder if we would have loved this run if it was just one and done stories. Cause these have been, so far, just as enjoyable then the major story he worked on.

    • I agree, and it’s a good question. I seem to remember people finding the story dragged a little in the middle, so I expect they would have been too much for people to take.

      Still, it’s hard to say how these would have been received had they come out mid series, right now they seem so damn good! Almost too perfect…

    • I read the trades after they were released and have only been following in real time for a couple of months now. It does drag a little in the middle, especially in the second trade of his run. But even average Hickman is superior to most everything else Marvel pumps out.

    • I jumped on in issues with Future Foundation #1, by subscription.

      I went out and bought the first four trades, from the beginning of Hickman’s run.

      Then when F4 started up again, I bought that in issues at retail.

      It has been a really fun ride.

      Hickman’s run returns the title to its roots as The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine.

      It also has a very Legion of Superheroes/Superman Family kind of feel.

      Old-school cosmic DC aura meets deep understanding of Marvel’s canon equals FANTASTIC.

      This run, when read with his work on Secret Warriors and SHIELD, really does justice to the character and legacy of Reed’s Dad, as well as many other ancillary characters, like Franklin, Val, Doom and Galactus, as well as each of the First Family as individuals.

      I put this up there in the Top Five.

  6. All the reviews for this issue were a little so-so but I really enjoyed it even thou it was naff & corny in parts!

    Still POTW for me, but I love Hickman no-matter what.

  7. Wow, a very sub par issue.

  8. Terrible. Obviously written at a week’s notice, if not less.

    I wonder why the Wakanda storyline was delayed. Is Hickman making it perfect or did Marvel not want it conflicting with AvX.

  9. Least favourite Hickman Fantastic Four tale yet

    Thought it was so obvious

  10. The mortal sin of this issue? It was predictable. I’m not one of those people who delights in saying that they predicted how a story will go, but everything about this story seemed telegraphed. Plus it was so dripping in melodrama that I inwardly groaned at several moments.

    • I agree. The freaking cover made it obvious this was inside a human body. I love Hickman but I dislike issues like this; trying to hide something that is obvious BEFORE page one.

  11. I’m late to the party with Hickman’s run but “sublime” pretty much covers my feelings.

    I’m holding on for an omnibus(‘s) (omnibi?)

  12. I liked this little bit of sentimentality. It was obvious that they were on a (pardon the pun) Fantastic Voyage, but the subject of their aid was a sweet surprise to me. Sometimes a little tug at the heartstrings is good for us.

  13. About a month ago I remember Hickman tweeted something along the lines of “Have you ever turned something in and immediately realized everything about it was wrong?” I wonder if this is what he was talking about…

  14. tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    I’ll join in on pillorying of this issue. My big problem with it is that it’s a blatant rip-off of the film Fantastic Voyage (as CaseyJustice mentioned above). I’d even venture to guess that there’s an actionable lawsuit for copyright infringement because the plot & details are that close. I don’t expect this from someone with the reputation for creativity that Hickman has and I don’t expect Marvel’s editors to let something this plagiaristic and lazy to slip by them. Shame on you all.

  15. I made this my pic of the week. So it was a little obvious a corny. I’m down with that. Also, very sweet.

  16. I enjoyed it, but I had it figured out early on. I took it as an homage to Fantastic Voyage. It was fine, but definitely a filler issue.

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