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• It’s Galactus versus the Celestials!

• Plus, the return of the Future Foundation!

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Barry Kitson
Cover by Mike Choi

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 22.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. The preview for this looking amazing! Galactus in a throw down with someone his size for once!

  2. This book as been great! I’m on the brink of dropping Ff but this FF is rock solid.

    • I’m sticking with both, because I have a feeling he’s going to tie it all up nicely into a Hickmanese Gordian knot of Marveliciousness.

  3. Might drop this title after the next issue. Just don’t want to invest in another 30 issue story arc.

    • Another 30 issue story arc of awesome, you mean. Seriously though, I’ve heard rumors that this is Hickman’s way of closing his run on Fantastic Four.
      Like Secret Warriors where he had a very vast story, towards the end all hell went down and he closed with an amazing ending. So rumors they may be, but I’m starting to think they’re true.

    • I don’t see what’s wrong with a long arc. Honestly I am sick of reading books that seem like creators are only thinking 3 or 4 issues ahead. I think it shows commitment to a book and a greater level of story telling to plan out and execute long arcs.

    • I have to agree with jonny and USPUNX, but to each his own.

      I’m here for the awesomeness.

  4. This is one of my favorite comics right now. Probably the one I look forward to the most this week.

    • I have to save up a couple of issues of this and Future Foundation, because reading just one issue at a time is too small of a portion. I guess I like trade-sized chunks of Hickman’s Fantastic Four stories.


  5. I have about 3 issues of this and the other FF to read to catch up.

    I’ve really enjoyed Hickman’s writing on this (these) title(s).

    Better a 30-issue grand arc than a series of half-baked stories that end with the villain blowing up. (Sorry, Bronze Age reference).

    As was said above, he’s building a huge legacy for Nathaniel Richards and other underdeveloped pre-existing Marvel characters across multiple titles (namely FF, F4, SHIELD & Secret Warriors) utilizing complex storylines which deeply reward the reader willing to invest the time. I find it enjoyable.

    • Interesting point about the underdeveloped older characters. What Hickman is doing with the FF corner of the Marvel U reminds of what Bendis did with the Avengers corner when he took over writing those books years ago. They both find under utilized, underdeveloped older characters and find ways to make them not only interesting, but central to the story.

    • not a coincidence perhaps. bendis was hickman’s mentor when he first got hired by marvel.

  6. The awful taste of Fear Itself still lingers, i swore I was dropping all Marvels as my personal way to cope with the awful memories and anger from that event. It is difficult, but I have been successful…except for 2 small Hickman titles (FF and FF). Just too dam good to drop if you ask me.

  7. Horrible cover, great issue. I want more Celestials from Hickman!


  8. fantastic issue.

  9. Dig all the cosmic-ness! Big fan of Kitson! It’ll never happen because I have no money, but a big print of Kitson’s Sue would be fantastic.

  10. Holy sh*t! This one’s a stomper!

  11. I believe this issue was at 1.5% before the PotW went up:)

  12. ok, so it only doubled:) it was 1.5% earlier in the evening when i made my pick (for The Flash #6, just by a whisper).

  13. I’ve liked Fantastic Four for a while now, but I never entirely know what’s going on.

  14. I like how in the letters page, someone talked shit about the art in FF… and no one defended Bobillo. They just said something to the effect of “yeah, we’re bring Dragotta in to replace him.” Made my day and it means I can read FF without threat of a hemorrhage.

  15. This book has been, well, fantastic since Hickman took over, and this issue is incredibly bad ass. As the events unfolded, they topped each other in impact… I was saying “No WAY!” every couple of pages. This is a lot of awesome for the money.

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