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The 50th anniversary issue of the Fantastic Four!

Joins us for the epic celebration of Marvel’s First Family with 96 pages of all-new content!

Sketch Variant Cover by JOE QUESADA

Price: $7.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 47.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. 96 pages? Exciting.

  2. Anyone know if this is 96 pages of a few different stories, with pin up back matter and all that? Or is it primarily one big story ?

    • I haven’t listened to it yet, so I can’t say for sure, but I bet this week’s Don’t Miss podcast with Hickman will answer your question!

    • Haha, or the solicit text at the top of the page that says “96 pages of all new content”

      No worries, I didn’t read it right away either.

    • Sure 96 pages of new content – could still mean 96 one page stories! hehe that would actually be kinda interesting – would make great bathroom material!

    • it may be off topic, but let me say id buy a 96 page comic of 1 page stories, if each was by a different creator/team, 1 i think it would be a cool piece and you could get creators who cant do much comic work to do a page, and the credit box would be huge

  3. It’s a bit weird that it’s going back to this title considering there are no signs Johnny is coming back….But I’m excited to get this.

    Hopefully I do because it’s been so long since the last issue, I’m not sure if my LCS still has it in my pull bin. But considering I don’t read the new Superboy or Detective Comics (since I never dropped it in the first place by accident) I’m sure it’s still on my list.

  4. Jeez, ignore me. I should actually read your post too. Mondays.

    • no worries! Who needs reading if there isn’t picture to accompany it. All commenters should be forced to drop a little sketch of them with little word balloons containing the comment. Then I’d read it!

  5. are the artists on this book a secret?


    Who am I kidding? Totally getting this.

    • That surprised me as well. However I DCBS’d it, so I assume it only cost me $4. Wow, that is still alot. Still, I am sucker for these #600 super-issues from Marvel. Better have the cover gallery!

  7. Looking forward to it. I dig what Hickman is doing.

  8. Considering the price, i’ll have to wait and see on this.

  9. What are the odds on this issue dropping a story bombshell?

  10. 8 bucks?!?! Ah, fuck it. I know it’s gonna be good.

  11. Will be fun to read over the long weekend. I hope it gets bound like a trade….

  12. AH! Huge heaps of Hickman!

    AND Ming Doyle? Excitement!

  13. Fool me once marvel (bought everything fear itself) shame on you, Fool me twice Point One 5.99 issue, shame on me.
    Cancel my favorite book (X-23) there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell you’ll see me shell out 8 bucks for this. Johnny storm is dead, the Fantastic Four is Dead. You maid your bed Marvel, now lay in it.

  14. *made. god ifanboy needs an edit button.

  15. I preordered this also from DCBS it takes the sting out a little bit. Looking forward to reading it.


  16. I’m interested in this if only to see what crazy shit they’re gonna pull to justify the two separate books. Though I bet I’ll just give it a flip through. I haven’t been enjoying FF much at all.

  17. Does anyone know if this is coming out digitally too?

  18. Good Moning..This is my fist post so I figued what bette book to post on then Fantastic Four 600.
    Now i duno how many people have seen this yet but be warned there is a MAJOR SPOILER..So read at you’ own risk.

    Hopefully this will be worth the 8.00.

  19. No pun intended, but this is absolutely fantastic! Great issue! One of the bests ever.

  20. Not what happens but how it happens. This is a great issue.

  21. Hmmm, I really don’t know what to think of this issue. Johnny’s back, but not in the same way? Could be interesting. The story was well told, fit with what we’d seen already, and did feel as though this was the plan all along. That said, I still think that it was too soon, especially given the months of hype Marvel put out leading up to the death . . . that said, the reveal splash did have a kick to it. As with the return of Bucky, I’m glad that I was able to enjoy this issue without spoilers . . .

    Oh and best line goes to Namor for “Can we fight for love?” Now that I think of it, he also had one of the best moments in the death of Johnny issue. Maybe Hickman should write a Namor/Sue team-up tale someday . . .

  22. So yeah… This was awesome! There were 96 pages of STORY in this! Barely any ads. That’s, like, 4 regular issues in one!

    I’m excited to see where FF and, uh, F4 (?) go from here!

  23. I couldn’t justify the $8. Can someone just tell me if anything major and/or relevant happened? (And if so, what?)

  24. I felt like I just read part of an event book in one issue and something also gives me the feeling that this is the beginning of Marvel following DC’s new 52 example!

    • Well.. many of Hickman’s book feel like big events.. thats why lots of people love his work. I think its just typical of what FF has been recently.

  25. I’ve never read any Fantastic Four. Have little to no knowledge of the series.
    Good jumping on point?

    • Sure.

    • Cool, I’ll give it a go. Thanks, Paul.

    • jumping on point?

    • I daresay that was the best comic book I’ve read all year … I need to figure out where the back story for this REALLY begins … I’ve read all the Fantastic Four since Hickman took over, but still feel like I’m missing something … help?!?!

    • @cahubble… a lot of whats going on in regards to the Inhumans began in the DnA (abnett/Lanning) cosmic books. If that helps.. i think thats the non FF background your talking about.

    • @iroberts007: thanks … so should I go back and read the entire Annihilation crossover, or are there specific minis that are relevant?

    • Well. I would say if you appreciate cosmic related superhero stories i would read the whole crossover. It made me a Abnett/Lanning fan for life. Although i guess the first Annihlation 1-6 was written by Giffen in 2006. The 2006 series involved Annihilus and the negative zone threat. The 2007 series conquest involved the technorganic Phalanx threat. I guess if you just want some more of the lead up for the Inhumans related things in FF you can check out War of Kings and the aftermath Realm of kings. There are a ton of crossovers that weave through guardians of the galaxy and Nova as well. These were really some of the most fun reads of the last 5 years for me. I just looked on wikipedia and they have info about collected editions as well. I guess i would steer towards the Ronan the accuser minis/ and the realm of kings stuff if you have to pick and choose.
      I would think that amazon has alot of this in collected editions for cheap used.. and youll have a blast if you read all of it.. i guarantee!
      Ill post more if i think of anything.. its just that its been so long since it all started.. Its a testament to how good the Abnett/Lanning stuff is though… that Hickman would just intertwine it with his own great work… so.. enjoy.

    • made me AN abnett/lanning fan for life… i wish there was an edit feature on this site.

      Peace out.

    • As far as the Inhumans goes, you should pick up a trade of the War of the Kings mini. Assuming that they included the one-shot prologue issue that’ll bring you up to speed on their recent command of the Kree, the Crystal/Ronan marriage etc. I remember thinking that it was a pretty good story . . .

    • Though, I also agree with iroberts: pretty much any of the DnA cosmic stuff is worth reading. Guardians was one helluva a book . . .

    • Yes i loved Guardians.
      Cahubble if you read Annihlation from the beginning youll get to have lots of Cosmo company too.. Everyone could do with more Russian Cosmonaut retriever’s in their life.
      Tip my hat to Cosmo.

    • Holy smokes! Thanks for all the info … NOW things make sense. When the solicit said something about a story two years in the making I assumed it was all Hickman inclusive, but he’s picking up threads from other writers … aha! Now that my want list has quadrupled in size, I’ll just have to start working through this checklist one book at a time. 😉

      Can’t say I’m averse to the cosmic end of the Marvel universe, just not usually inexplicably drawn to it. I’ll check all your suggestions out.

  26. p.s. can’t wait to read 589-599 …

  27. I seem to be the only one who didn’t love this book. Yeah, it had it’s moments, and it was certainly a great value for the money, but I thought it was only good, not great. I’m certainly glad I got it and excited for what’s to come next, but it didn’t really blow me away.

  28. I ALMOST didn’t pick this up because of the price tag. I’m glad it was a light week and I did because that was marvelous! I love it when Hickman brings everything together in a book. Everything just seems to explode in an awesomegasm.

    • That is what I liked about this book. All the disparate threads are being woven back together … now the problem for me will be that I was planning to jump off when this arc comes to an end, but it looks like he is sowing seeds for some pretty interesting stories going forward … ugh …

    • Hickman never disappoints. Just when you think a story has gone on long enough he pulls this out and suddenly everything makes sense.

  29. Great issue. I like to converging stories a lot. But who is the creeper in Franklin’s closet?

  30. this was nothing short of legendary

  31. Since i was not reading ff before this. But it did feel like being dropped in the middle of a story. So I was a little disoriented.

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