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World’s apart from each other, the Fantastic Four embark on their individual journeys with one destined to end in tragedy and change the face of Marvel’s first family. It’s THREE, part 3: ‘The Last Kings of Atlantis’!

Penciled by STEVE EPTING

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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I have been defending this comic since it began and all its big ideas and fractured storytelling. And let me say I still look forward to this every week. But I really hope this all comes together soon.

  2. @USPUNX: I agree I hope it comes together soon too, it seems to be taking its sweet time, I almost droped it but I figured at this point I am so close to the end I may as well finish it.

  3. read through JH’s first FF issue via Marvel Digital (free), cool ideas and I’ll continue to follow the series via digital

  4. Ive been loving this since Epting came on. It feels like everything is firing on all cylinders right now

  5. So, in that original 1960s context,  Namor has always represented a sexy ethnic man braking up marriages and causing happy house wives to go crazy…. which is awesome 

  6. I’m so glad I jumped back onto this series. The last two have been some of the best FF stories I’ve read in a long time.

    Looks like the focus is gonna be on Sue judging from the cover. Can’t wait to see how Hickman writes Namor in here.

  7. This is a book that has definitely won me over.  I heard good things, so I tried an issue.  Then I tried another issue.  Then I tried another issue.  Then I went back and got all the JH issues I had missed.  Now, I am ALL IN.

  8. @edward – don’t forget ethinic man with a receding hairline.

  9. @edward You just can not resist someone that swarthy. I loved the two panels of ice cold bitch eye contact when Sue Storm was greeted by Emma Frost on the X-Island last issue. This book shifted from good to jaw droppingly awesome when Epting came on board. Surprise, surprise. Comic books are a medium where collaboration is king.

  10. I was rapidly losing interest in this book until last issue.  Hopefully Hickman/Epting keep the momentum

  11. She’s like Betty Drapper. Under appreciated but very attractive

  12. Loved this issue, really feels like it’s building to something

  13. this was a great ride. I think i’m on FF for a while as long as this team remains on…

  14. Adding an Annihilus plot thread is never a bad idea.  Hickman’s run overall has been 4/5 for me, very consistently good.

  15. Best issue of this series since Hickman’s first arc.

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