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Kicking off the world-spanning new adventures of the Fantastic Four, this is part one of the Prime Elements arc: The Hidden City of the High Evolutionary! Featuring the return of the Mole Man, the architecture of the underworld, and the smartest Moloid you’ll ever meet. Don’t miss it!

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
PENCILS: Dale Eaglesham
COLORED BY: Paul Mounts
LETTERED BY: VC - Rus Wooton
COVER BY: Alan Davis

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Thank God the Eaglesham guy is back!

  2. I’m fucking Prime for this arc!

  3. Eaglesham is back!!  As a long-time Marvel Zombie I’m so glad to see this and ASM where they are right now.

    Does anyone know if this is selling as well as it should be?

  4. @DarthDuck: It is not selling well, no.

  5. This has been amazingly good, astounding.

  6. I don’t think we need to worry about this getting cancelled(haha), or a change of creators. I think Marvel’s putting their money on Hickman for the next year.

  7. This is my most anticipated book, hands down.

  8. Yeah, I haven’t been too happy with the previous artist either.  I like this guy much better.

  9. While Eaglesham is not my perfect choice for FF artist, he is solid with flashes of brilliance. Certainly much better than what we had the last couple of issues, where I really felt sections of the story suffered because of art issues. Can Dale do more than 3 issues in a row (his first arc)? Because some stable art awesomeness would likely do wonders for getting the rest of the world to see that Marvel has finally gotten the FF righted again.

  10. Looking forward to this, if only because someone is finally doing something with Franklin’s powers! (Though I hope he didn’t create the Heroes Reborn universe again last issue. 😉 ) I love Eaglesham, but something just feels slightly off seeing his art with the FF.

  11. I was going to switch to trade waiting for this book until I read the preview over at CBR. Wowza, Eaglesham’s pencils pack a punch.

    @JimBilly4 – I think the scheduling is going to be 3 on, 2 off for Eaglesham. Don’t quote me on that, but I seem to remember a Hickman interview or preview or something saying that.

    @Conor – It’s not pulling Dark/New Avengers bank, but it’s selling semi-decently I thought. What seems to be the "successful’ minimum number to you for a Big Two book? I thought around 38k was doing alright for a Marvel book.

    *looks at the numbers*

    …Well, it sold more then Deadpool at least.

  12. Sadly, I may disappointed with this because I am anticipating the hell out of this book. Hickman’s characterizations are spot on and something about Eaglesham’s FF work strikes me with  bombastic Kirby vibes. Yipee!

  13. HE"S BACK…

  14. Well kick ass is over, I dropped cowboy ninja Viking, and reborn ending I decided to add FF to my list, excited for this. Haven’t read since millar.

  15. I hope this becomes a real run, I’m talking 4-5 years at least. Knowing Marvel, it probably won’t but here is hoping because it’s the best thing Marvel is doing.

  16. @ miyamotofreak, I’m hoping for 4-5 years too. Hickman is giving me the FF I have missed so much.

  17. While I didn’t have the same disliking for the last two issues that alot of people did, I know that the Hickman/Eaglesham team brings the A game to this book.  Here’s to a great (and long) run!

  18. Who is the statue of in the splash page on the last page of the book. I forget his name. This looked too fun not to get. Think I’ll read it first

  19. This was a good, solid issue. But it felt rushed. I gave it a 4/5. Great art, some really nice work on Mole Man not looking AS ridiculous. But ultimately I felt like things were plowed through recklessly. The "Palm Pilot" summary at the end of the issue didn’t really help matters, it really soured the issue for me.

    @DenverDave, The High Evolutionary. He appears in two panels earlier in the issue.

  20. Good old Marvel high concept. I love the fact that we get a full story every issue, but still get a feel of a fucking huge epic story.  Seeing the Moloids live their lifes was like taking mush. Ben saving the children…  beautiful issue. Personally, I didn’t mind the "Palm Pilot" summary. I don’t know… I think it fits F4, at least for me.

    The letter collum was really interesting; Hickman answers two letters about Valeria calling Francklin a retard in issue 574.

    I’m so with Hickman!

  21. This was an old school compressed plot if I ever saw one. Kind of refreshing actually. After reading New Avengers that all took place basically in real time, this was a surprising shift. I kind of dug the wrap up page in the end–wouldn’t have minded to see thumbnails to go along with each bullet point, but I’m just art greedy. 

  22. Huh. I didn’t even read the Palm Pilot thing (and I made it my POTW!) because my eyes assumed it was a ad.

  23. My thoughts:

    -Plam Plot good for F4

    -Thumbnails a little weird, this was a one shot?

    -Eaglesham works

    – This was a good, classic FF, but overall the FF just sort of bore me nowadays. It’s like they’re dated and can’t escape the past and become relevant. 4/5 stars, but I may droop it. But I did really enjoy it, and the Galactus scene — it MADE me pick it up. 

  24. A really good issue. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. 

    Anyone else have that ad ran in the other Marvel books this week get their hopes up?

  25. Yeah, this was ok.  Not as good as previous arcs.

  26. Hickman and Eaglesham have done it again, I think.  Great-looking book with excellent writing to boot.  I hope we get to see more of the High Evolutionary’s city in the future of Hickman’s run. 

  27. love this book!!!!!

  28. How do you guys feel about Hickman’s response in the letters column?

    Personally, I’m not offended by "retard" but I can see where some people would be. However, I don’t think it’s a word that should be thrown around so lightly.

  29. This was a perfect self contained story! I’m so excited about the Fantastic Four and I never, never thought I would say that.  Here’s hoping we get that 4-5 year run!

  30. I really really liked this issue but I had a huge problem with the palm plot bit at the end.  I’m not sure why but it really irked me.  Like not POTW because of it.  I’m aware that I’m totally overreacting but would it have been so hard to get another page with a panel and dialouge box for each sentence?

  31. This was a fun read.  The art was beautiful.  My pick of the week.  

  32. The additional info would have taken a minimum of three more pages, and even then it would have been awful if it had to be compressed with art and dialogue. The summary was the best way to do it if it had to be done this issue. I read it as the little clips at the end of a movie. I agree that it would have been better if it wasn’t necessary to do that, but I don’t think it could be helped in this case.

    The "not as good as previous arcs" comment is puzzling, since this is *clearly and obviously* a setup for the "Battle of the Four Cities" plot point that was introduced just one issue ago. This is page two of chapter one.  


    Regarding Hickman’s defense of himself, he’s completely right. I am not sure that I would have been as hard-line as he was about the topic, since he seems to be lending more importance to the Fantastic Four book than is really warranted, but he is completely right about the truth in the voice of a kid saying "retard." Kids don’t have a filter, and it’s up to the writer if he wants to write his dialogue in a way that reflects that or in a way that flirts with being didactic and preachy. 

  33. Loved the art and I’m anxious to see where this story goes, even though I thought this was not as good as it has been.

    Also, I have no problem with the last page wrapping everything up the way it did

  34. @kndoubleu To me, it felt very amateurish. I’m all for done-in-ones, but this felt very rushed and poorly paced. There was a little bit of unnecessariness with the Galactus page. (Oh, I’m sure it will come up again of course, but it felt very out of place in this story.) As well, this is the first issue of an arc, they could have split the story over two issues and given some of the big ideas in this issue time to grow, as we as explore the concepts on the last page reveal. I wasn’t a fan of when Peter David pulled a similar stunt over in X-Factor (In the name of speeding up the story getting the title "back on track") and I find it much less desirable here. I understand its presence and purpose, I just don’t like it.

  35. I think it felt rushed because it was rushed. I don’t think that Hickman wants to set this story up over five years or so, but if it was going to be done "right" it would have been three or four issues. My good opinion leans heavily on my trust that this is a very minor piece to a very massive puzzle. If I’m wrong in that assumption, then I’ll be less generous with the excuses, but by then it will be too late!

  36. Hickman cannot fit this story in a 2.99 issue.

  37. i’m not a huge FF fan. i grab odd issues here and there depending on the villain. When i saw this i immediatly thought Mole Man = awesome. But after the read…solid issue, but i think the big person to appretiate from this issue would be Paul Mounts. The close up of MM’s face is great. Eagleshem (sp) is good, but it still urks me how he bulks everyone up. 4/5

  38. I loved this. It didn’t feel rushed to me; more like it had its own pace, one we may not be used to. This is the set up issue, I’m positive it will all pay off in the end.

  39. I liked the first arc alot, more exciting than Millars whole run (which I liked) and was hoping this issue would return to that first arc goodness. In reality, it felt rushed and the fact that the epilouge was a bunch of bullet points really pissed me off. It felt like I could just read this on wikipedia instead of read the comic. I have been meaning to lighten my pull list now so FF finally gets the axe

  40. this story is impenetrable for me, for now I hope.

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