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  1. I do not like this as much as everyone seems too. It’s good but I fail to see the amazing yet. Maybe cause I can never get into the F4.

  2. I think it’s been a lot of fun, and it was my POTW, but I think we need to focus the book a little less on reed and a little more on the rest of the team after this storyarc.

  3. I get the feeling that the family will make a pretty bold statement as a group in this book to round out the arc.  I look forward to this issue.

  4. The favorite for POTW here.

  5. I haven’t bought FF in years and after the last two issues I think I’m gonna sick around for a little while. Its just good old fashioned fun comics and I think all to often the fun is missing from todays superhero comics.

  6. I can’t believe this book is getting more pulls than the New Avengers.  Not sure what this means.

  7. This had me at "Shocking", "Dramatic" and "Bold", but it also "Spins", so I’m there!

  8. Can’t wait!  Also, I would love to see Hickman do a cover from time to time.

  9. Action!

  10. Double-dose of Hickman this week!

  11. @rockingeek

    Boys and girls, ACTION ACTION!

    la la la la laaaaa

  12. Hey! I hate the Fantastic Four but love this title!! Life’s funny isn’t it?

  13. Great Alan Davis cover!

  14. I didn’t even know I liked FF until I started Dark Reign FF.  I still have to get the last two issues of that run but I don’t think I missed anything important. 

  15. Not only is Reed solving everything he’s doing it in 3 issues. 

    Really looking forward to this. Check us out, excited about FF!  I bet nobody would have guessed that a year ago.

  16. great arc so far but i thought it won’t end this soon.

    As they said in the podcast, Hickman likes Grant Morrison,

    these guys have big ideas and wraps things up quick.

  17. @robby: No such thing as bad characters, only bad story telling.

  18. @miya how do you know that it’s your pick?  Do you believe it to be predestined or are you going in with a bias that it will be potw whether its the best or not?

  19. @vadamowens

    It’s the book I’m looking forward to most in the week. If I only had $3 or $4, I’d get this. 

  20. ah

  21. I’m quite surprised that this issue is the end of the arc. The way it was building in the first 2 issues made it seem like it would be a lot longer.

  22. Yeah I was surprised (and disappointed) to here that as well.

  23. I’m sure the next arc will be as good.  Does anyone know how long Hickman is scheduled to write for F4?

  24. I used to not "get" Alan Davis, but now I can’t get enough of him. I’m so glad he’s doing these covers.

  25. I haven’t seen Sue in costume since the first issue and that was briefly. i don’t think her costume looked like the one on this cover but man i love the costume on thsi cover. love the two shades of blue and the design on her and reed

  26. I enjoyed this arc quite a bit but I was a little worried in the direction it seemed to be going, however, this issue errased those worries, both with how the story ended and the brief interview with Hickman at the end.  A very solid first arc by Hickman, looking forward to the rest of his FF run!

  27. Wow!

  28. oh man this was so good. I got this along with the last two issues and it totally just blew me away. I wasnt reading this before but now I’m in for the long haul! The only thing is theres so much going on in these issues that I cant help feeling I may have missed something. I think I’ll read them again, And away i go…

  29. Great issue. 5/5 from me. A little surprised it’s so short, but quite good. I really do hope we get off of Reed though. And Hickman’s little bit at the end really filled me with confidence. The Waid/Weirengo run is my favorite take on the FF, so I’m quite happy to see him list that as a reference point.

  30. 5/5.  The Hickman interview at the end makes me wonder if we’re at the start of an epic run

  31. is it possible to give an issue 6/5?

  32. I never want Hickman to leave this book.

  33. @Mustbedamned

    I’ll second that.  He really does a great job writing each character, even Franklin and Val.  I thought the job he did with them in the Dark Reign: FF mini was great.

  34. This book was awesome.  Easy 5/5! So glad the FF are great again!

  35. This is, dare I say it, fantastic.

  36. I’ve never been a fan of the FF, but this book is all kinds of awesome.  So good.  Would have been been my POTW this week if Rucka’s writing hadn’t finally caught up with Williams’ art on Detective.  Eaglesham’s work here is also fantastic.  Looking forward to the next arc.

  37. I think I was too excited for this issue.  It was still really good, though.

  38. The upcoming stuff sounds great – secret Atlantean cities, spaceship planets, Moloid civil war – I think I’m now excited for Hickman’s FF.

  39. Now before I say anything I don’t want people to get the wrong idea and say I’m sensitive or anything but I did get teary eyed at the end of this issue…

    Not to get too revealing but something Reed’s father said… well… it’s very similar to what my pa said to me when I got accepted to a four year university years ago.

  40. Its so cool to see this book getting POTW love from the iFanboy community. This book has been amazing lately.

  41. This book is great again! I’ve been an FF fan for a long time, so after the last creative team did a run that I hated, I’m so glad one of my favorite titles is back to it’s former glory!

  42. To all those people in the thread who think this is wrapped up…  um, no.  No chance.  This story will be back next year, or sometime.  It’s a big idea and I’m sure he’ll come back to it.  I had no problems with the ‘quick’ wrap up, since, in large part I believe he’s just setting the stage for something else.  Especially when you realize there are other celestial transpirings in X-Men.  Next big threat for the Marvel U? 

    Big arc aside, these 3 issues were the best FF I’ve ever read.  I’m on this book till the end of Hickman’s run. 

  43. Hopefully that isn’t the last of the Council.  I know they served their purpose in showing Reed the problem in ‘solving everything’ but I really liked the Council and hope to see them again.

    It’s been said repeatedly already but, the Hickman interview at the end was awesome, hilarious, and inspiring.  Here’s hoping for a long, wonderful era for the Fantastic Four.

  44. Great affirmation of the importance of family, a cornerstone of the FF.  Hickman and Eaglesham are both doing groundbreaking work here.  Awesome.

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