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  1. What’s with to co-writer and the next issue is Immonen not Hitch. That’s %# annoying!

  2. We’ve talked about this a few times on the show, between Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch there was an serious illness and the death of a parent, and they weren’t able to finish.

  3. ok, so why is hitch on reborn now?

  4. They should have just delayed this for a few weeks or whatever. People understand if a Hitch/Millar production is a little late…

  5. @flapjaxx   They couldn’t without messing up the Return of Cap, as Hitch is on pencils.  And if you ran Marvel, what would you do, delay what you hope is a major selling mini series for the sake of a ‘regular’ comic or get fill-in creators for said series?

  6. I would have much prefered a delay to extra writers and fill in artists, but oh well.

  7. Yeah I would normally agree with waiting on Hitch but lets not forget how pissed most of us got with Ultimates being as late as it was. Plus Hickman and Eagleshams run shouldn’t be put off. With Ultimates they had as much time as they needed, here they have multiple cogs in motion and they can’t all stop, even for something as understandable as personal issues.

    On a pure geek note, after having read the Dark Reign FF mini by Hickman I am much happier with getting to his regular run instead of waiting on the end of a run that has been decent IMO.

  8. I’m extremely disappointed with the guest-writer. Ahearne has absolutely blown it with Fantastic Force. The man simply cannot write, if that book has been any indication. As long as Millar still has something to do with these last issues, though, it should turn out decently enough.

  9. @J4K3

    One has to think that the main plotting was done by Millar, so at least that much should be safe.  But as for the dialogue….

  10. When does the Hickman run start?  I’ll actually start buying FF again.  Loved the Dark Reign/FF story, I wouldn’t have read it without iFanboy’s recommendation.

  11. @PhantomPhrenemy: I agree. I’m one of the few FF fans and I haven’t dug Millar’s run on the FF. However, I’ve really enjoyed Hickman’s DR: FF and can’t wait for him to take over.

  12. Liked this issue more than the last one.  The dialogue might have even been an improvement.

    I really liked the cross-over or throw-back to his ‘1985’ series.  

  13. @ JesTr – I wouldn’t trust a true FF fan who isn’t a fan of what Millar & Hitch have been doing.

  14. @KickAss

    Then you shouldn’t trust me. I love the FF more than almost any comic book, but I have HATED this run. This issue in particular is one of the worst single comics I have ever read. EVER. In 30 years. I was almost violently ill at the fact that is ten minutes I will never get back.  

  15. Yeah, Millar and Hitch’s FF run hasn’t been particularly noteworthy. In its very best moments it’s been merely…okay. And this last arc is NOT one of the best moments.

  16. Eh… I liked last issue but linking it with 1985? Really…?

  17. I like the previous two issues, but this one… eh.  I thought it would be more about Doom taking is villianess to the next level, instead it turned into a cheap Spiderman One More Day issue.  And we all know how we felt about that run.

  18. That was…well, if you can’t say anything good…

  19. Oh boy. That was unfortunate. It seemed like there was an issue missing. Still, it wasn’t the worst thing I read this week. 3/5. 

  20. That dude is pissed off cuz he has no penis. Seriously, wouldn’t you be PO’ed if your junk was bare like a Ken doll?

  21. @cromulent "Not everyone keeps their genitals in the same place." – Star Trek VI

  22. What a disappointment.  I had been really enjoying this run.

  23. I hated this.  I almost burned it after. I really like this story, but I might drop it because of this horrible issue.

  24. Just read the issue today.  WOW did it suck.  1 star.  Millar & Hitch leaving this book is the worst thing that could have happened.

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