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  1. Wow, really thought-provoking review. Before now, I hadn’t really noticed now much characterization was tossed out to make the current run possible. But then again, I’m not much of an FF fan and the only time I read the book even semi-regularly was in the late ’90s (but I’ve gone back and read 80% of the godly Byrne run). I guess I just liked the high-concept pseudo-science stuff Millar was doing earlier in the run. I haven’t read this particular issue yet, but, yeah, the idea of Doom bowing to a master is kind of awful. The whole premise of Doom is that he is such an egomaniac that he would never bow to anyone, and before now it’s been a pretty important character trait that he’s EARNED everything he got–bad or good–no matter what evil he went through to get his way. So the idea that all his time he’s been in the debt of some unheard-of cosmic villain rings really false to me.

  2. @flapjaxx

    Yeah, I agree with you about the earlier part of the run.  The wacky, over the top sci-fi stuff is part of what makes the FF the FF. That was the stuff I liked early on. But except for a few moments here and there, this run just has not clicked with me at all. Doom could never even entertain the possibility that somebody knows something he does not. That’s the entire basis of his blood feud with Reed: Reed tried to correct Doom, but Doom is such an egomaniac, he couldn’t even listen to Reed’s point and it (literally) blew up in his face. 

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