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    One of my favorite books right now.

  2. Millar is great for FF.  He’s not doing a ton of character development, but I’m loving his high concept plots

  3. He does a great Thing.

  4. I am loving this!  Lets see what Millar pulls out on us this time! 

  5. This has been a great arc. Great work by Millar; strong work by the artistic team.

  6. I was close to dropping this, but the last issue was awesome.

  7. Yesterday, my friend was kidding at lunch time, telling, "oh, no FF is delayed" and I got all made and stuff. Mad like :"Oh, f— y–MILLAR. I WANT MY BOOKS ON TIME!!!!"
    Untill I knew he was kidding me around.

    That’s the power of a goood book.

  8. Dropping this, I’ve been annoyed with this arc for some reason

  9. Annoyed???  🙁

    I find that the whole Galactus thing has been very polarizing.  Some go ape-shit crazy and love it, some just find it completely stupid.   I’m loving it, but want to move on to the Thing and Johnny stories, simply because I have read too many Reed and Sue stories before

  10. So much for on time shipping…I am still enjoying this book though.

  11. @Torppu-I never expected this to be on time every month.  Sad but true 🙁 I took that as part of the package when I decided to pick up the book, so when it happens I just roll with it

  12. One of my top books these days. 

  13. My 5 was due almost entirely to the last page. DOOM’s honor has been restored!

  14. Yeah, that was a pretty sweet page.  You knew it was coming too, but still bad ass.  Someone else told me they had a hunch about the hooded man, so that kind of ruined it for me.  But then again, it makes sense and the clues were all around for it.  Oh well, still a great week.  Almost POTW, if not for Invincible’s sweet sweet issue.

  15. That was an almost perfect comic book!

  16. Great art – Thing smiling with his toots comment, the fantasticar above New York, Thing ripping wall in double page spread, Thing pounding Lightwave into the ground, Thing pounding W___ in the head.

    Agree with SamMorgan, almost perfect comic book.  I love the way the disparate plotlines weaved together so elegantly.

  17. Although, now I think about it, Why didn’t OldSue remember that the people were shunted into New Earth as she states that she had "seen all this as YoungSue. She call them idiots when they burst in when she already knows they are going to save the day.

    In fact, why didn’t she sugest the whole NewEarth Solution in the first place?

    Time Travel- Confusing or what?


  18. @SamMorgan-As Tom Katers says "Don’t Think about it!  Don’t question!!" 

  19. @drakedangerz – Who’s Tom Katers and why is he talking about me?

  20. My pick of the week.  I guess I’ll have to go back and read some of the previous issues, but is this Hulk Bruce Banner?  And did he call Wolverine dad?

    And are there any ties to Old Man Logan in terms of timeline yet?

    I’d figure out all this shit out myself but I’m at work and my after-work is dedicated to drinking, not reading

  21. @SamMorgan-Who is Tom Katers?!?!?!? 😛

    Anyhoot, he has a podcast himself, Tom Vs. The Flash, in which he is retelling every single issue of Flash starting from his humble beginnings.  He did it for the JLA before doing Flash.  So whenever he gets to something that just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense (i.e. mulitple Invisible Women and alternate timelines and whatnot) he just says "Don’t think about it, don’t question it!"  I’m not doing it justice, just go listen to an episode, its good stuff. 

    @Cutty-The connection to Old Man Logan aren’t too apparent yet.  But yeah, they are suppose to connect in some way.  You won’t have to be reading both to make sense, its just suppose to be fanboy moments I think.

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