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  1. is there any reason to read this?

  2. None

  3. might be fun. that’s a reason.

  4. It’s not Loeb, there’s a reason. And Parker’s writing so that’s a plus. I’ll probably flip through it before I decide to buy it or not.

  5. me too. parker is good, the hulk is a good character. Whats not to like? Apart from the probable irrelevance of the whole thing, I mean.

  6. There is the fact that in all liklihood, if you buy Alpha you will need to buy Gamma to complete the story. Gamma, if I recall, is written by Loeb. And then this ties into the on-going books, one of them being written by Loeb. So you might be setting yourself up for a lot of $4 Loeb pain. I am reluctantly buying it, but unless Jeph surprises me the Fall of The Hulks is going to be the end of the Incredible-free Hulk line for me.

  7. Ya, it sucks that Loeb has anything to do with it, but I’m sure that you can get everything else that isn’t written buy Loeb and still know what’s what. For example, I didn’t buy the Hulk 600 travesty, but started buying it at 601 with Pak, because all that Loeb accomplished was that Banner couldn’t turn into Hulk anymore, and that was explained in the recap page. So I’m sure that anything that could be remotely "important" in any of the Loeb comic’s will just be explained, so again, no need to get them. 

  8. I have more interest in this then the Marvel Siege thing going on.   I’m all for Loeb doing anything connected with the Hulk… his run has been one of the more fun things Marvel has done in a long time.

  9. M.O.D.O.K. is in it.  Count me in.

  10. i really liked this

  11. Great art.  I like the idea of these villains teaming up to plundering the lost libraries of ancient civilizations.  

  12. I just hate that they tried to connect all these past occurances to toughen up the images of some (other than Doom) lame bad guys. 

    The Leader has a very large head.   He must have a strong neck.

  13. Not strong enough. He now needs a brace to keep his noggin from snapping that neck of his. While a little expository, I really liked this. I didn’t entirely buy the retcon, but considering the believability level of material coming out of Red Hulk in general, this worked fine.

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