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  1. prelude to justice league #1? i must’ve missed that…so they are cancelling the current one already? yeesh.

  2. it’s james robinson’s justice league if i’m not mistaken. pretty sure that the other jla title will still be going.

  3. I’ve yet to read a DC series. Is this something i should pick up? and maybe start justice leage when it begins?

  4. The only JL I’ve read is the first Morrison collection and even that isn’t really grabbing me. I’ll pick up this new series though.

  5. Is this cover supposed to look silly?

  6. The thing about Prometheus that doesn’t work is he’s supposed to have all these awesome weapons from the JLA themselves only we don’t really know what those weapons might be. Thus he becomes one of those flimsy indefinables that Marvel likes to crank out especially on the poor X-Men like Mr. Sinister. If a villian can do anything (or has any weapon) he’s pretty much a giant donut hole or something used by weak writers who need desperate options. Give us a better idea of what’s in Prometheus’ arsenal and I’ll give him a shudder. Until then, he’s just a tin-plated Dr. Doom.

  7. Im new to comics is this a good issue to hop on justice league.  I really want to read.

  8. I wasn’t going to buy this until I read it’s got something to do with James Robinson’s JUSTICE LEAGUE, now I’m sold.  I can’t wait for that book.

    @jorgevillatoro: There’s a storyline going in JLA right now, I would say hold off and start reading with issue #31.  It will deal with the fallout from Final Crisis.

    And keep an eye out for JUSTICE LEAGUE by James Robinson.  It hasn’t been solicited yet, so I don’t know when it will come out.

  9. Its nice to see that the James Robinson JL series didn’t just come to me in a fever dream. I was beginning to think they just forgot they even announced it in the first place.  

  10. this character makes me miss the Morisson JLA run that much more.

  11. I believe they have pushed back Robinson’s JL….itas not on any solicitations as far as I know.

  12. This was really good. stayed true to how Morrison originally wrote Prometheus and the art was fantastic.. Sterling Gates has been kicking major ass. hopefully DC will keep giving him more higher profile gigs.

  13. Liked this a lot. Not great, but enjoyable. I always thought Prometheus could have been a great villain if handled properly, unfortunately that really never happened beyond his first appearance.

    Good to see him back and randomly killing and maiming people. 

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