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Mister Dark continues having his effect on the mundy city of New York, as Castle Dark rises menacingly above the skyline. But now one of the Fables (no, we won’t tell you who) has vowed to kill Mister Dark in a duel. What has to happen before a duel? A visit from one’s “Seconds” to try to talk them out of such folly. But who’s powerful enough to call on the Dark Man without getting his body corpsified and his teeth stolen?

Cover by JOAO RUAS

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. I’m so glad to get to this story.  The Dark Man has been floating around for too long and I’m ready to see this guy go down!

  2. I didn’t think Mister Dark could get any creepier…then he smiled.

    This is it, the final issue before all hell breaks out and I’m counting the days: FABLES #100!

  3. Man this series just never disappoints. 

  4. @USPUNX: I would have to agree. It’s hard for me to believe we are already on the dorr step of Fables #100, it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.

    It’ll be a first for me, too…after collecting for 2 decades I’m actually getting the 100th issue of a series I started with at #1

  5. Probably my favorite issue in years.  I love Dark and I hope he doesn’t get wrapped up next issue.  The splash page when the cat realizes he’s going to find the farm was amazing.

  6. So, so, so, good.  This one made made me want to linger on every page, and rush through at the same time.

  7. Inaki Miranda’s artwork is just breathtaking.  Hope Willingham uses him again in the near future.

  8. The art in this issue was awesome. I got it all in the volume and specifically want to go and get this single.

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