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  1. Geez.  I’m gonna miss the old covers.  Why does this one look so familiar?  Anyway, we’ll see if anything from the previous issue carries over into this one.  I have questions about Boy Blue.

  2. I think this issue will just be another punch in the gut…

  3. whoever drew that cover is an arsehole

  4. Didn’t they have that conversation in the last issue?  And didn’t he die?

  5. I’m very confused by this summary.

  6. People are still aware of the "Fable" of Boy Blue so he got reborn as a little kid. Same as the three little pigs from the first story arch. This is what I assume at least.

  7. If he is getting reborn due to his popularity as a Fable (this gimmick/rule was setup back in the second story arc, I believe), shouldn’t Prince Charming be back already?

  8. Great issue, although I can’t say that I’m really excited for that crossover event. Hopefully it’s something I won’t need to read.

  9. @Quad

    Good point. I had forgotten about this aspect of Fables. 

  10. The art for this issue was really disappointing.

  11. is this a good jumping on point? im thinking of jumping onto it and i got this issue to see whats going on…opinions??

  12. IMHO you don’t want to jump on here, go back and pick up the trades. I really didn’t like the art in this book, not sure what was wrong with it exactly, but I had a hard time telling characters apart in the very beginning.

  13. The comments about the art are right on the money.  I thought it was a great story, with the same lovely character beats from Willingham (but then I’d expect nothing less).  Unfortunately my visualisation of the same charcters is completely synonomous with Buckingham’s pencils and anything else is jarring, especially when some of them are shown so radically different by Hahn.

  14. i never read Fables at all but i got intrested and im gonna pick up the trades and everything.

  15. The last issue was my last monthly. Series isn’t bad but around a year or so ago I just wasn’t excited by new issues like I once was. Used to be my favorite book. Switching to trades at the library now. 

  16. Hmm, i really didn’t like it.

  17. I don’t think the "Three Little Pigs" were re-born at all.  They changed the giants, who had heretofore been sleeping on the farm, INTO the "Three Little Pigs" after the originals died in the Animal Farm revolt.

  18. I fifth the bad art. Just awful. There were instances where I had to study the frame to see what character I was looking at.  Bigby and Beast look like twin brothers.

    I dunno about the crossover either.  I don’t read Jack of Fables, so hopefully there will be a recap so I don’t have to blow an extra $8.

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