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  1. God this book has been so fucking good lately. its been a long time since i was THIS excited about this title

  2. @mike – agreed.  I think this is the best its been since the Sons of The Empire arc

  3. What is with the "Top Secret" thing on the cover? Is that hiding something we’re not supposed to see until the actual issue is out?

    For some reason I feel like it could be hiding the face of a character that Willingham couldn’t use before now because of copyright issues–or maybe it’s Alice from Alice in Wonderland or something?

  4. @flapjaxx…. Alice has been over in JACK OF FABLES, off and on since the beginning of that series.

  5. I guess I am the only one who has been kind of bored with this of late. Honestly, it goes back to before the big war happened with the Frog Prince. I don’t why really. I always liked the smaller stories that were a little more focused on just a handful of the characters. 

  6. i think this is James Jeans last issue. i’m sorry to see him go. he really is a fantastic artist

  7. @ cutty    i have been this excited since March of the Wooden soldiers, when i first started reading the book

  8. I have never lost my enthusiasm for this book, but I am switching to trades after this or the next issue.

  9. So excited for this. Whose pick is it this week? If it’s Josh, I’d bet money that this will be POTW…

  10. I am a little disappointed that the Fables Covers book from a little while ago was only the first 75 issues. I didn’t realize that Jean would be staying on the book for 5 more issues. Damn.

  11. @ButchCassidy: Good to know. I’ve never read any of Jack of Fables but was looking for a reason to start, and you just gave me one.

  12. @flapjaxx: Not only that, but there is an upcoming crossover between Fables, Jack of Fables, and a new miniseries called The Literals. Its going to be a 9 part x-over w/3 issues being told in each title. It starts in April.

  13. Based on the preview of this issue on Newsarama, i think that Blue Boy dies in this issue.

  14. Wow.  Best book in a week of excellent books (in my opinion).  Very solid work.

  15. my throat is all plugged up from reading this issue… def a potw

  16. Man, it was epic how Boy Blue took Rose Red laid it all out like that. She definitely deserved to hear that. Even though he was constrained to a bed, he died like a man.

  17. Manly tears…. manly tears.

  18. Goodbye, boy blue.  you will be missed

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