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  1. I am very interested in seeing where this book goes now that the empire is in ruins.  Who will play the antagonist role going forward?

  2. I’m with you, this book was kind of stale for the last year or so, this arc will hopefully breathe some new life into it.  and goddamn is that a nice looking cover

  3. @cutty-kind of stale?  You mean The Good Prince and the Cindy story arcs right?  Cuz the last 3 issues were amazing.  But yeah, honestly excited about what sort of problems are going to come up now.

  4. Yeah, I mostly mean the Good Prince arc which seemed to go on forever, but I wasn’t that impressed with issue #75.  I think it was time for a change, looking forward to a new status quo

  5. I thought the Good Prince Arc was great, but I read it in trade, so my expierence of it was natrually quite different from yours. I think the change in status quo was a great move, but the war was overly one sided. There was maybe only two points where it felt like it could have gone either way. It was pretty anticlimactic. I think to do an anticlimax right, it has to happen very rapidly, so that it has shock to it instead of dissapointment. So I would have prefered the war and issue shorter or an issue longer.

    But I am very excited about the new status of things. I think the issue of what happens after wars in theory end is a very important topic for the times. PRI’s the World had a great series on that issue (which you should definitely listen to if you are into history or current affairs). It’s an extremely messy and over looked thing, and I think it has the potential to make great comics.

  6. I read the Good Prince in trade and it was one of my favorite Fables’ stories.  I was just epic on the biggest levels.  I have caught up now and I cannot wait to see where the series goes.

  7. @Neal and Meanoldpig – that’s really interesting that you guys liked the Good Prince arc.  I remember loving it in the beginning but I got tired of it as the months drew on, and it seemed like more of the same issue to issue.  I guess that’s what makes reading in trades so much more enjoyable most of the time – the instant gratification keeps you from being high and dry after waiting a month, and lets you enjoy the story for what it is. 

     I’ll have to go back and re-read it

  8. I’ll jump on the "Great in trades" bandwagon for The Good Prince.

     I wish, though, that they had started the war BEFORE they jumped into those long arcs. That way, they could have checked in with the other fables in the middle of the war just to let you know it’s going on, and the last three issues could have been the swift end of the war. It could have been like the Illiad (the end of a 10 year war), except actually showing the ending. Instead, I felt a little short-changed that they could defeat the adversary so quickly. Having the whole war take three issues instead of being a long-running fixture, even in the background, left a bad taste in my mouth.

  9. Yeah, I read the first 9 trades, thats how I caught up to right after the Good Prince arc.  I loved it in trade and will more than likely pick all of them up soon.  They are totally a great read and great for any collection, especially when you are trying to get your other to read comics who normally wouldn’t.

  10. This issue didn’t blow me away like some recent ones did. Maybe I need to go back to reading this in trade.

  11. I thought this issue was great.  Definitely my Pick of the Week.  It did, in my opinion, a great job of setting the table for a lot of great A-level plot threads to sustain the book for quite awhile, and also had some nice background stuff.  Hopefully Willingham will keep sowing seeds in the background even more than he always has, in order to foster the strong sense of "Oooh, what’s gonna happen next" that the book has typically had.  As opposed to the feeling I was left with immediately after the war, which was "What’s really left to tell?".  I loved this issue.

  12. I’m really loving the fact tht this arc is called "The Dark Ages."  I think that says a lot, right there, about what we can expect.  This may end up being my pick of the week — not sure, I haven’t finished my stack yet.

  13. Red Rose is a skank

  14. I love this book and actually enjoyed the lead up stories to the war, but does anyone else feel like the war itself was just to short? It was like all of this build up for 3 issues of payoff. I really enjoyed it, but if you are gonna make a 6 part storyline about the behind the scenes leadup to the war, then at least give the war itself as many issues.

  15. man, i love fafhrd and the grey mouser

  16. A stong issue, but felt like little had happened by the end. Might be easier to read these issues in trade.

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