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  1. Wicked excited.

    Also, say what you will, bu they’re bringing the sexy to the cover there.

  2. Yeah, as pathetic as it always seems in my mind to think of comic book women as "attractive", I have always loved the women in Fables and Jack of Fables.  Sure they’re drawn in a very appealing fashion, but I think the real reason they’re so fine is because they seem like real vital people.  They never really come off as one-dimensional, but rather much more fleshed out, "real" people.

  3. Plus stockings are hot.  There’s just no two ways about that.

  4. Great, great, great, issue.  I absolutely love where Willingham has taken Cinderella.  Her character is amazing and just so far from tradition that it adds so much surprise and interest anytime she shows up now.  Awesome book.

  5. Fantastic issue.  What a consistently awesome book!!

  6. If it’s pathetic to think of comic book women as attractive then look down upon me because it’s one of my favorite things about them. What makes the Fable women so great is their mostly realistic proportions.


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