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In this fantastic 100-page issue, it’s time to put an end to Mister Dark once and for all, and time for the Fables to return home to Fabletown. For that to happen, one of the Fables agrees to take on the Dark Man in single combat! It’s big, it’s epic, and if you live in New York City, you may want to take a quick vacation when this issue comes out, because things are going to get wrecked!

In addition to the larger-than-life main story, we have a FABLES prose story written by Mark Buckingham and illustrated by Bill Willingham! We have an All-Star Burning Questions section that will knock your socks off (seriously, innocent people are going to lose some socks here). We have a puppet theatre created by the unstoppably creative Mark Buckingham, a FABLES board game, sequential stories painted by Chrissie Zullo and Joao Ruas, and even more surprises in this square-bound behemoth celebrating this award-winning Vertigo series!

Cover by JOAO RUAS

Price: $9.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.5%


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  1. I’m still really really behind… I think I’m still back on TPB 5, but I’m still picking this up! What a wonderful package -just hope it doesn’t ruin too much of what’s to come 😀

  2. @origamikid:  Whoah.  Wait a second.  Are you thinking about reading this story prior to getting pass the 5th trade?!?!  Other people might disagree with me, but I would say you should wait until you’re through at least the 11th or 12th trade before cracking the spine on issue #100.  Just sayin’ there’s a lot of stuff that could get spoiled for you.

  3. I read this in trades but this sure is tempting. That cover is da bomb yo.

  4. I’ve got to agree with ctrosejr, you should absolutely not read this before at least finishing trade 11.  You’d be spoiling WAY too much fun.

  5. Agreed. Fables must be read in order, otherwise you will ruin it for yourself.

  6. I’m caught up on all the trades but I am still buying this one for the collection.

  7. At a hundred pages, this is like a trade.

  8. Yeah, me too.  I buy the trades, but I also bought this.  I have a feeling that this issue will have a lot of content that the eventual trade won’t (e.g., there’s a Candyland style board game in the back.)  But, who knows?  They might not even trade issue 100 because it *is* almost a trade by itself.  Issue 100 will certainly have a place on my shelf next to its trade brethren, either way. 

  9. uggghhhh, i wish there was an option to just buy the comic

  10. @cutty: It’s the 100th issue. How many non Marvel and DC comics even make it to 100? A handful. I think its cool they are celebrating it and unfortunate you can’t just pay a few dollars extra for a landmark issue.

  11. @USPUNX  I want to read another chapter in the ongoing story, sorry that I don’t give a shit about Bill Willingham’s prose or a puppet theatre.  I just want a comic, not self indulgence.  I don’t even care about the 10 bucks, but it better be 60 pages of comic booking, not a fucking board game.

  12. Can’t wait for this but hey @cutty I think it is mostly comic the only added stuff they are putting in is just the board game and the rest is comic if I’m not mistaken.

  13. @cutty: It’s 62 pages of comic. Pretty simple to google search and find that. 

    But I guess pointless bitching is more fun. 

  14. @USPUNX  I retract my previous statement.  ….and I will back away slowly

  15. @origamikid  Buy it. Because it looks like a damn cool comic magazine. But for the sake of all that’s awesome, DON’T read it. Save it until you’ve read through at least TPB volume 11. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.

  16. @cutty: if you’ve bought any Vertigo books this month there is a pretty cool column written by Mark Buckingham in the ‘On the Ledge’ section detailing all the extras that will be in this issue. They all sound pretty cool.

  17. @USPUNX  Yeah I reacted a little too quickly.  I just saw this big boxed set and thought it was going to be 30 pages of comic and a whole lot of fluff. 

    Back to the story, I think its somewhat of a shame that they’re wrapping up Dark (if that’s what they’re doing).  They put him on the backburner for a while there and I think they’re leaving a little bit on the table.  He was absolutely frightening last issue, I’m a big fan of the character

  18. I’m with you cutty on hoping they don’t completely close the door on Mr. Dark.  Until the end of trade 11 this was unquestionably my favorite comic book, and though I enjoyed it after that I did think it was a little unfocused and pointless.  Right up until they introduced Mr. Dark, he was terrifying and a worthy antagonist for the community to focus on.  I don’t want them to lose the focus his character brought back to the series.

  19. Agreed. The Adversary was the main antagonist for so much of the series and it really gave the book a coherent feel it hasn’t quite had since. I was hoping Mr. Dark could regain some of that. Either way I love this series but I think it would be a shame to eliminate him so quickly, he feels very under explored and under used.

  20. Maybe Mr. Dark will end up with the ladies on the 13th Floor?  It seems there’s so many characters who are shaky alliances.  It could work if he’s beaten into submission.

  21. @misterckent  Now that would be unexpected.  I guess the odds-on favorite is that he goes back into a box

    The one bright spot would be them moving back into Fabletown

  22. @cutty  Not ‘self indulgence’ yes? All of it has a part in the overall universe of Fables. Just like Peter & Max: A Fables Novel was a part of the overall story.

  23. I have never collected a comic book from #1 to #100. Tomorrow will change that and I cannot wait! 2010 has been a banner year for me: 20 years of collecting comics, a new COMIC BOOK Convention in Detroit Fanfare, Met Stan Lee in Detroit, Fables #100 and I joined a comic book website so I can talk about them even more!
    I cannot wait to see what happens in 2011!

  24. Just finished volume 14 and even though I’m 7 issues behind #100, this is still coming to my collection and any other back issue I can find.  Fables is what got me into Vertigo overall and I for one wish to honor Vertigo by picking up this issue.

  25. @ USPUNX I don’t think we’ll see Mr Dark after this. There is after all not that much to his character, he’s just evil as is his defined role. Might be interesting to see who his successor will be thought after he (presumably) is killed here. Maybe Totenkinder herself?

  26. @Zarathos81  Congrats, man.  That’s pretty inspiring.  Keep up the good times!

  27. Argh! If it wasn’t for work I’d have this issue in my hands already 🙁

  28. I JUST finished it! WOW! The art in the main story was fantastic as always and the…well, I’ll let everyone enjoy it themselves.
    I kind of what to put #1-100 out and take a big picture of them, lol
    Now, on to Fables #200!

  29. I bought this but have no intention of reading it until the next trade comes out hehe. I don’t want to be spoiled.

  30. @s1lentslayer  It will sit there and mock you. “I’m right here yet you cannot read me! What’s this on page 20? wow! is that what I think it is?”
    I hate it when comics you can’t read yet mock you.

  31. I am sooooo close to buying this. I’ve read the first 9/10 trades of Fables and just got to the point where I gave up on it; I want to love it, though… Can I give this a shot on it’s own or do I have to be read right up to get it all?

  32. This was a nice issue…but I found myself missing Inaki Miranda’s art after the gorgeous Fables #99. That is not a slight on Buckingham as I dig his stuff too.

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