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  1. C’mon people. One dollar for a brand new Boom! Book written by Si Spurrier.

  2. BOOM! and Dark Horse are certainly not letting Image hog the independent spotlight…I am giving this a shot and it could possibly join Supurbia and Hypernaturals on my pull list…and for a dollar…its not a huge risk

  3. Worth a look. I liked it a lot!

  4. That was pretty cool! Really enjoy the dynamic between Nox and the Red Reaper. I think I’m gonna stick around a little while and see where this thing goes.

  5. Nope. The Batman without ears main character and the setup with his “teaming” up with the Red Reaper out of necessity just were lame. It is like a bad pastiche and the winks and nods are like sledgehammers instead of fun or playful jokes. Not for me. Best of luck though!

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