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Size: 0 pages
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Spurrier’s script does a great job of not wasting a single panel. We get just enough back story to set up the ethical conflict faced by Nox in this new post apocalyptic landscape…Said conflict totally resolved in the last page.

Spurrier dialogue pops and establishes Nox and The Red Reaper’s “Odd Couple” dynamic without being too simplistic.

I really enjoyer Reaper’s diatribe in the last 2 pages.

Art gripe: the layouts are bit muddy. That could be due to the inking. The coloring seems a bit too pastel.

For $1? You kidding? Definitely pick it up. I’ll pay full price for issue #2.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Perfect review. Wasn’t sure what it was that I thought was just slightly off about the art, but you nailed it perfectly.

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