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• It’s NEW MUTANTS. It’s JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. It’s NEW MUTANTS *and* JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. It’s the New Journey Into Mutant Mystery!
• With a left over “s”.
• A forgotten hero returns, mightier than Thor himself, but will the truth behind his exile consume them all?


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  1. I’m reading New Mutants so I was planning on reading half of this crossover, but I’ve had mixed reactions to the issues of JIM I’ve sampled (loved the Christmas issue, but the following arc didn’t grab me and I dropped off after a couple issues) — but by putting this out for $2.99 on a light week, I’m in!

  2. I seriously have no idea why these two books get so few pulls. They’re the two best Marvel books.

  3. I just have no interest in this crossover. I’ll be back next month once this crossover is over….and then back off it once Matt Fraction joins for the Thor crossover.

    Why are you doing this to me Marvel!?

    • What exactly have they done to you?

    • They’re making me avoid a book I love!

      Stop doing this Marvel!

    • But if you love it, YOU are choosing to avoid it. Marvel’s still showing up to party like usual.

      Do you have something against New Mutants? It’s a super-fun book, and only $2.99.

    • JiM started as the cute funny girl, but now she’s taking all of our money to go out shopping with her friends.still cute & funny but she’s bad for the wallet.


    • I don’t have an issue with New Mutants or the fans for it. I’m sure it’s a fun book but I have no desire to read it.

      My big issue is that this series just can’t stay on it’s own path for more then 3 issues without a crossover/tie-in happening. We just got past Fear Itself and the aftermath and after a few issues on it’s own, JIM is going right into this crossover. Then it’ll breath a bit BUT THEN go right into a crossover with Thor. Marvel is just making this too much of a hassle to read and will not let Gillen tell his own story.

      To be fair, Gillen has written each issue (crossover or not) extremely well and they’ve all been entertaining. But at this point, especially with how I feel about Marvel right now, dropping this series full time might be an option. I don’t want to do it but I might as well considering I’m skipping two issues for this crossover and then another four once the Thor one starts.

    • Gilen wasn’t forced into either of these crossovers. They ARE the stories he wants to tell. So your entire persecution complex is ridiculous.

      Well done.

    • Once apon a time there was a thing called a “guest star” it meant you could have other characters in your book, without pushing people to buy other books that they didn’t want to buy. You just learned something. Well done.


    • That’s not what this is though. This is Gillen, Abnett and Lanning writing a story together featuring characters from their respective books. That’s a crossover, like the just-finished (and very excellent) Omega Effect by Waid and Rucka was.

      A ‘guest star’ is a totally different thing. Whether you prefer one or the other is fine and whether you buy either or both is completely up to you. You aren’t being ‘pushed’ into anything either way and I wasn’t commenting on the pros and cons of either.

      I disagreed with TNC implying that Gillen has been forced by the evil editors of Marvel into destroying his own creative vision of the book to shoehorn in crossovers. He hasn’t.

    • 1) You are avoiding a book with Nate Grey in it. YOU are in the wrong. No exceptions.

      2) I disagree with the whole “Marvel isn’t letting Gillen do his own thing”. This is still very much in Gillen’s voice and is, for all intents and purposes, a JIM story. Gillen, Abnett and Lanning have been very vocal about organically collaborating on writing this, so it would simultaneously be a JIM and New Mutants story. Besides, if Marvel were to keep Gillen from doing his own thing, they wouldn’t do this. They would cancel this book.

  4. this plus the JiM/Thor crossover (all eight parts of it) have officially driven me away from Journey into Mystery. sadface. will get in trade.

  5. I’m not familiar with the artist on this but I WANT! With great intensity!

  6. I personally can’t wait for both of the crossovers. I have been reading JIM since the beginning and just sampled New Mutants last month in preperation for the event.

  7. The crossovers are probably happening (in part) to help sales. If you skip those issues, it will probably only help the book get canceled faster. I know you’re hoping Marvel will say, “No one wants to read the crossovers, we should just keep the book self-contained,” but “Oh look nobody wants to read it in a crossover either,” seems more likely.

    • People at Marvel do infact keep an eye on the forums, so they will know why some people are dropping it, the question is, will JiM add more New Mutants fans than they lose?

      and if the book gets cancelled because *I* stopped pulling it, than that’s tough s**t for them, i’m not buying a book if i’m not comfortable with the way it’s coming out. full stop. end of.

  8. I heart JiM hard and I grabbed Abnett and Lannings run of New Mutants this weekend, as I was looking to add another X-title. Their run has been really impressive. My initial hesitation was that it was really the same line up they had when it first started. I wasnt fond of them so many years ago and why would that change? Well they managed to make Dani and Cypher interesting and kinda gave the series a heart which really sets it apart from the rest of the X-titles.

  9. Hmmm. I might need to check out New Mutants based on these comments – I’m in for this crossover – $15 for the whole thing – why not?

    I’m getting kind of tired of the automatic assumption that crossovers will be poor quality and solely done for monetary and not artistic reasons. It’s a little cynical and frankly, untrue. Don’t get me wrong – I agree that some crossovers are forced, and don’t live up to the hype. I’m just saying we shouldn’t be so quick to judge a book by it’s cover if it says “to be continued in …”

    I, Vampire/JL: Dark, Daredevil/Spidey/Punisher – both good reads recently. Even introduced me to some new characters.

  10. I’ve been reading JiM since issue #632 and New Mutants since issue #33. I told myself I would only keep pulling them until this crossover was over, but now New Mutants is more fun than JiM and that is crossing over with Mighty Thor in August. I just wish JiM was less congested and more fun to read, it’s not Kieron Gillens’ fault but I just don’t enjoy the wit and pacing of JiM as much as New Mutants. New Mutants is easier for me to read.

    • I’ve picked up on that too. I’ve liked the one shot issues a lot (The christmas one, the one with Mephisto) and while the multi-part stories are often great, they feel like a step down. The pages really do feel… congested I guess, or like frozen mud. I wish Gillen (Assuming it’s entirely up to him although I could be wrong) would cut down on all those words he puts on the page; reading five hundred lines of witty dialogue is nice, but at that point it sort of loses it’s punch.

  11. i was so xcited for this but was a lil dissapointed but still have hope

  12. There was alot packed into that issue and in a Wednesday comic reading frenzy I finished it and said “huh?” but when I took a little time and came back to it, I have to say its a fine set up to the crossover. This story is like if someone got their chocolate in my peanut butter..two great tastes tasting great together! Any damn if that doesnt sound kinda sordid

  13. Very strong start. Excited for the crossover!

  14. Picked this up on Free Comic Book day and loved it!

    Stoked for this crossover and I’m adding JIM to my pull list. 50% of back ish’s at my LCS and grabbed all the Fear Itself JIM’s – great deal at half of cover price

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