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  1. I don’t think i’ve enjoyed this book at all since i started reading it in issues. has this book gone down hill or is it just better in trade?

  2. It’s because the last issue came out three months ago. This needs to get on a regular schedule. Tony Harris needs to finish this before committing to something like "Spider-man: With Great Power" or "War Heroes." Get this done! There’s only like… Twelve issues after this one.

  3. Yeah, I talked to him in SF during the War Heroes tour.  I asked him if it was true that it had gone bi-monthly, cuz thats what ign comics had stated.  He laughed and said no, its just late.  He asked if #38 had come out yet, because he finished it a while ago.  It was funny, but frustrating at the same time. 

    I would agree it reads better in trade, but I love singles too much to wait for them. 

  4. I made the jump to singles one month before #37 came out. These waits are killing me… Angst.

  5. This book needs to come out faster.  It has been in a bit of a lull, in large part due to the delays.  My guess is it will pick up as well as we get closer to the end.

  6. i think its bi-monthly till the end now

  7. @cutty  Bi-monthly is one thing, but the last issue that came out was on June 18.  It’s more like a quarterly. 

    Has it been confirmed this will go 50 issues and then end?

  8. @ohcaroline Yeah, this issue being this late is awful. Tony Harris needs to get his ass in gear (because he said it was his fault, so I blame him)

    I can’t give you a source (too lazy), but Vaughan has said that fifty will be the end.

  9. @GungaDin

    Yeah, Vaughan stated from the start that it was 50.  And no, not bi-monthly just late.  Straight from Harris’ mouth.  Yes he should step it up, but to an extent I am willing to wait for it.  maybe its because it is not one of my top books.  Its great, and I love it all, but because I don’t love it more than other books I guess I can wait.  Does that make sense?  Hope so

  10. It makes sense, but I was trade waiting on this up until about two issues ago. I went on singles to get the story more frequently. This late is just so ridiculous and makes me question not trade-waiting…

  11. Ive been doing trades also and figured I’d pick up 36+ in issues so when trade 7 came out I would be caught up there then blow through the back issues I have been stashing. Maybe I will just read them 5 at a time which will be just like doing it trade style (sans adverts)  I love this book though..  BKV is awesome..  Can’t wait for lost to get done so he can come back to comics

  12. to think i waited 3 months for a setup issue.

  13. yeah, this was pretty weak.  I think I’m just gonna move to trades for the rest of the series, it just doesn’t translate that well issue to issue anymore

  14. @deger After LOST, BKV’s gonna go on and write more for other TV shows. But again, this isn’t Vaughan’s fault. In the iFanboy episode from last week, Tony Harris confirmed that BKV’s been on time… And he’s not ever going to leave comics. He’s said so. This is the only thing he’s got coming out right now, so it’s… yeah… He’s working on other projects. Friend him on Myspace… That’s where I get my information…

  15. Pretty much setup, but some cool relevatory moments in the past and present.  Very interested to see how Krem’s plan is gonna work out, since Bradbury is sort of on to him.

  16. This book being delayed is killing this book. This issue wasn’t even that bad, but it being late is so stupid.

    Also, the Wildstorm ads in this book were painful.

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