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I feel like this book is dieing on me, slowly. Sure it’s late and i try to ignore that, because once you have an issue you have it, so cool, it’s a problem now but it not going to be a problem later for me reading it and i know eventually i will have a full story.

The problem is that the art is starting to suffer as well. When this books started it was dead on, dynamic and well good tony harris art. Not to mention i got a bit of a west wing fix from it. in this issue there were 4 times where i saw a character and said that doesn’t look right. eyes were in the wrong place, heads seemed to be enlongated just barely enough to make you think, that’s not normal, detail was missing from the art, it felt rushed and sketched out.

The plot wasn’t helping too much either, I don’t care about this new girl who flashbacks show me that hundred had an encounter with in the past because it feels like she is just being introduced to move the plot along at this point, I need to know more about her, and it looks like next issue i will. That better happen because as of right now, this whole arc feels pointless.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average

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