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  1. I vote for Ex Machina as the most consistently good book in comics.  The only one for me that comes close is Captain America.  Also, Tony Harris=God.

  2. Good to see this book back.  And the police commissioner is one of my favorite supporting characters, so I’m looking forward to this storyline.

    I’ve been watching a lot of "The Wire" this week, and daydreaming a crossover where Mayor Hundred meets up with the politicians on that show.

  3. every issue of ex machina is great.  it’s consistent vaughan.  i wish it came out more but i can deal with the bi monthly schedule.  

  4. How are there only 45 pulls on this title?!  Ex Machina is the best comic on the shelves every time it comes out.  Come on people.  Give the capes & tights a rest and give this a shot!

  5. @Goaler31 My bet is that a lot of people read this title in trade.  This is my first full arc experimenting with single issues.  I might get back on trade if they’re going to be this slow coming out.

  6. I can’t wait for the trade… but feel this urge to buy the single ishes.

  7. read it in issues!!  this book reads well in issue.  vaughan always gives us what we crave.

  8. Another great issue! my god, that last page. Beautiful.

  9. Tied as pick of the week with iron fist’s orson randall and the green mist

  10. This has to be one of the best consistant comics in print right now.  Even on it’s "bad" issues it’s still good.  It’s on my top 5, along with Fell, Umbrella Academy (sad it’s over), New Avengers, and Green Arrow/Black Canary. 

  11. While this issue didn’t continue the awe-inspiring story arch, it was the most satisfying comic of my week hands down. Devoting an issue to showing us just how much Agnotti is the Gordon to Hundred’s Dark Knight may seem lack-luster, but it’s execution could not have put a wider smile on my face as a lifelong Batman fan. Awesome writing, awesome art, and a fantastic last page.

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