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  1. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    GRRR! NOT A BOOK THAT MY SHOP ORDERED! http://t.co/jWuwIzin

  2. was a massive disappointment, as much as I love the character it has been years and years since she was used well. I hoped Jim Mahfood would be up for the task; unfortunately this was just a mess of scribbles and shit. Booked in for two more issues of this crap…

    • Not to be a jerk, but really how is Mahfood’s art different then Rufus Dayglo? Or Ashley Woods? Or, hell, even Jamie Hewlett! They’ve all historically had ‘dirty’ gritty styles to go along with Tank Girl punk style.

      I’m liking Mahfood’s artwork a LOT. Certainly a better fit then Mick McMahon.

      I also dig how their handling this series, as a series of short stories in each issue. Much like his 40oz series.

    • I have liked Mahfood style in the past, but didn’t think this was his best stuff (has been a while since I’d seen his work though) the short stories were the biggest disappointment , perhaps if they had added a longer main feature in the middle It would not be so bad. defiantly not on par with Wood or Hewlett styles visually. Glad you enjoyed it though, thanks for pitching in. Hopefully the next issues will win me over too.

  3. Purchased solely based on Mahfoods name. Art was exactly what I thought it wold be and the stories were tank girlsih enough for me.

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